Please Help NEMO the Blind Puppy Find a Home Sweet Home

Poor little Nemo has been living in a lonely world of fear, darkness and confusion from the time he was born a few months ago. Found by a little boy (whose family lives in the same apartment building as me) over the Chinese New Year holidays with little life left in his tiny paws and bones, the boy’s family rushed him to the animal hospital where Nemo was provided some life-saving care and survived a very high fever. The family took pity on Nemo and decided he deserved a second chance.

With his own little space outside the family’s home entrance, Nemo was able to get some much needed rest and recovery along with regular meals and gentle peace and quiet. But, for some strange reason Nemo never ever barked and preferred to keep to himself. As this was the family’s first “dog caring experience”, they just assumed he was content the way he was. Well it turns out that Nemo was totally blind, and nobody knew it, not even the Vet, until he we went in for some more checking up about two or three weeks ago. Well at least that explains the non-barking.

Anyway, last week we decided to take Nemo to an eye specialist at the NTU Animal Hospital to try to get some more answers about his condition. Surprisingly, it turns out that Nemo’s eyes are actually normal, but he is definitely blind. The doctor said that Nemo most likely lost his vision from an infection which affected the optic nerve. And unfortunately, there is little that can be done to restore his vision. Darn! I mean what are the odds? None of the Vets I know here have heard of this kind of case. Meanwhile, the good news is that everything else works just fine.

The family that saved Nemo’s life is very kindhearted, but they realize that for Nemo to have a happy and fulfilling life, he needs a real home that will provide proper care and trusting company. They are not at home from 7am to 8pm nearly every day and will not bring him inside. Being so lonely, they understand that this situation is not going to work for Nemo, especially since he is still a growing boy and in need of some personal training. Hence, the search of a happy home for Nemo begins.

Despite the blindness, I can assure you that Nemo is just as adorable and loving as any other puppy in the world; and at times even more so. I can not describe the emotions one feels while cuddling him and giving him some gentle strokes. You just want to break down and cry knowing how he appreciates it so much. He may still be timid and shy, but to the man, woman, boy or girl who will be Nemo’s companion, it’s an indescribable bond.

Please, if there is anyone out there or someone you know of who can help poor Nemo find a home sweet home, or if you or someone you know of has an interest in adopting him and becoming his best friend, please contact me or call me (0916137942) so we can get started.

Many, many thanks from Nemo and all of his fans. :notworthy:

He is adorable and I SO want to add him to our motley crew…but it wouldn’t be fair to the others as we are maxxed out as it is. Come on, everybody, there is a home for Nemo out there. Let’s do our utmost to help Eric find it! :help:

He looks so sweet.
Life is just so unfair. Hope he finds a nice family soon

Any news?

Any news?

Hi onrust66, Nemo has not been homed yet, but he is safely growing into a beautiful looking dog and becoming more sociable. I have been paying him a lot of short visits and also took him in for his final vaccination, chip ID, etc. His blood looks good and other than the visual impairment, we are confident he doesn’t have any other physical concerns.

Mentally, he is still really shy, but we have come a long way the past three weeks or so. We’ve made good friends now and watching him run around on the porch or clumsily steeplechase over top of me is a major highlight of my day.

Upon further investigation, it appears that Nemo was saved at a very, very young age, possibly only 1 or 2 weeks old. The lack of vitamins or inadequte nutrition may possibly be the reason he is blind. He is teething now so I am trying to explain to him that my hand is not a chewy :slight_smile:

Anyway, we’re gonna find him a place that will take good care of him and be able to accommodate his special needs. It will take a while for him to overcome all of his fear and anxiety, but step by step, we are making progress. I’ll try to get some more snaps later. He’s pushing 5kg now! :slight_smile:

What a beautiful read! Thanks!