Please suggest some Forumosan Survey Questions

We are planning a forum survey to better understand how you use Forumosa and what you would like to see on the website. We’ve asked this a lot of times, and we have received great feedback in the past. I hope that with a formal survey, we can get even more insight in a format that is visible but not in your way.

I admit - I don’t write surveys often enough, so I’d like to open the floor to any questions you think we should include to make sure ours is useful

The plan is to use something like - and add links to the user survey to our sitemaps, introductory email and notifications.

We’ll ask basic demographic information, but I’m interested in learning what you want out of Forumosa and hwo you use the website. If you like, we can share with you the data as an aggregate when we are done

Well I’ll take the chance i’m going to be drowed out by all the other suggstions flooding in.

Have a "dig it" or "don't dig it" vote on the posts, a bit like [](

[quote=“Mick”]Well I’ll take the chance I’m going to be drowed out by all the other suggstions flooding in.

Have a "dig it" or "don't dig it" vote on the posts, a bit like []([/quote]

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

I am not sure I follow, though - yours sounds more like a suggestion for the forum than for the Forumosan User Survey I described.

Are you suggesting we include a question like: Would you click on a “dig it” / “don’t dig it” feature on posts, like on

We already have a lot of social bookmarking on the threads - but I’ll consider your suggestion in our reboot

Wow, not many replies here at all, eh?

Some suggestions:
How did you find out about Forumosa?
What was your reason for first coming to Forumosa?
How long did you lurk before you actually posted for the first time?
Which forums do you usually browse?
Did you feel welcome when you joined Forumosa?
How would you describe the general atmosphere at Forumosa?
Is it easy to find what you need on Forumosa?
If not, in what way could we improve this?
Which Aunty do you think has the best advice column on Forumosa?

How has Forumosa helped you?

[color=green]1-always- 2-often 3-sometimes 4-rarely 5-never[/color]

Q: Do you use the site map to navigate the site?

Q: Do you use the home index to navigate the site?

Q: Do you use the bookmarks at the top right of each page?

Q: Do you loign when browsing Forumosa?

Q: Do you post on Forumosa?

Q: Do you use the search function on Forumosa?

Q: If yes to the above question, how often do you find what you are looking for?

Q: Do you ever click third party banners and advertisement?

Q: Do you read Forumosa’s blog?

Q: Do you read the community calendar linked in the site map?

Q: Do you recommend Forumosa to other people?

Q: Do you read the Taiwanease?

Q: Do you use Taiwanted?

Q: Do you use Forumosa Friends?

Q: Do you find the Rules on Forumosa appropriate?

Q: Do you find the site moderation appropriate?

Q: Do you find the FAQ useful?

Q: Do you find the newbie guide useful?

Q: Do you find the "How to use Forumosa link useful?

Q: Are there any questions to which you did not find answers in terms of using Forumosa?

Q: Do you feel uncomfortable or intimidated to post for any reasons? Please explain.

Q: How would you rate Forumosa on a 1-10 scale?

  • Why you spend so much time here when you should be working?
  • How do you hide you activities on Forumosa to you boss?
  • Don’t you have anything better to do than fool around in the Internet?

Is Forumosa your only friend, or is it a way to make friends?

Do you hate intolerant posters?

Are the rules a crock of shit, or do you strictly adhere to them, regardless of whether you actually need written rules or just good manners?

Does the appalling quality of some of the written English on this site bother you?

Is GooseEgg a crazy name or what?

What features would you like to see added/ removed?
(I’m hoping for forumosa games: online backgammon, crib, chess, Settlers, ect for bragging rights.)

games would be cool… now, where to find room to store all that on already overloaded servers?

Definitely poll to see which features could be removed/added. I like the way Goose Egg keeps coming up with new implementations and add-ons, but I am not convinced that many people use them.

Thank you. These are great questions :notworthy: keep’em coming :slight_smile:

We’ll probably use, so we’ll probably use yes/no, likert scales (strongly agree/agree/huh?/disagree/strongly disagree) and multiple choice type formats when we can

And to encourage a lot of responses, we could offer a free iPod, dinner for 2 at Alleycats or roundtrip tickets on the HSR - or something like that

You might have noticed that I posted just now about a Forum Reboot. We are feedback fiends, so I hope you will see pretty soon the impact of the online survey as well as this feedback forum