Please translate this for me


A while back, Micheal was hit by a car and he was taken away by caring people who wanted to find a CARING responsible home for him (unlike yours) but you wanted him back. Now the dogcatchers came to get him and you don’t want to get him back.

He had a chance of a new life , but you took that away and now he will be killed within a week.

Congratulations for being heartless and selfish.

and also add that I am going to report them to the authorities.

thank you

nevermind…i ended up catching them at home and saying it to them in person:)

Can’t the caring people get the dog back from the pound?

I spent 2 hours talking with a woman in my street that has 16 dogs up in her 3rd floor apartment (and not tooo many friends in our street :slight_smile: I managed to talk to her and we went to talk to a couple of neigbors and Michael will be picked up from the pound today or some time during the weekend.