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Watch the video, this is pretty interesting (at least to me).

Basically a Taiwanese woman comes back from a trip to Mexico, the border cops ask if everyone in the car is a citizen. She says “Yes” to save time at the pressure of her college friends. Its now many many years later and she may be deported from the United States as a result even though she has a clean record and is has been married to a US citizen since.[/img]

dang, I’ve done that before when crossing the border. How the heck do they find out (sorry: can’t watch the video)

Wow, it’s hard to believe how harshly they are treating the situation…deportation, after all of these years??? And, she’s married to a US citizen, and settled there now. How very sad.

Er, she lied to immigration and people are feeling sorry for her? Reminds me of the Taiwanese woman who had an argument with the airline and told them there was a bomb in her luggage and was surprised when she was arrested.

What’s the principle here? It’s OK to lie to immigration if [something]? Screw her. And they should take away her mobile phone, and credit cards, and limit her driving licence validity to 1 year while they’re at it.

They found out the day she did it. She was questioned further, still insisted that she was an American citizen, and when it was found out that she wasn’t, she was jailed and fined. This is a perfectly reasonable action on the part of the border guards and immigration officials, I think.
Therefore, her marriage to an American citizen, and all her laudatory volunteer work, occurred after she was convicted of an immigration offense and ordered to leave.
Most people with a criminal redord would have a hard time getting citizenship in America.