Pleco Chinese-Chinese dictionary

Are the Chinese - Chinese dictionary’s in Pleco that advanced (Pleco says both the Longman and Xiandai Hanyu Guifan Cidian are strictly for Advanced students which I am not) ? I would like to purchase a Chinese - Chinese dictionary but don’t want to waste money on something I’m not ready to use. My daughters paper bound dictionary is ok but I don’t have the patience to go back to manually looking up definitions.

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The only C-C dictionary they currently offer is the Xiandai Hanyu Guifan Cidian, which is definitely not a beginner or even intermediate-oriented product. It’s intended for native speakers and looks it. :frowning:

Thank you. I assume the Longman Advanced Chinese Dictionary is the same?

Too bad, as I would prefer Chinese definitions.

fyi, appears to use 现代汉语规范词典 (Xiandai Hanyu Guifan Cidian), so you can check for yourself.
(nb, version may or may not be the same as pleco. Also apparently iOS uses the dictionary as well)

Yes, it is for native speakers but the definitions are written in a clear, direct style. You can also look up words in the definitions on the fly. If you are already using your daughter’s C-c dictionary, I think you might be able to use the Xiandai Guifan after a short period of adjustment. One other minor issue that of course the usages are mainland Chinese.