Pleco Chinese Dictionary Camera Recognizer iPhone app

Now this looks really cool! It’s the next version of the Pleco flashcard dictionary app for the iPhone.

Very cool! Is it out already?

This looks excellent. All I need now is to interface it directly with my brain and I’ll be set.

I believe he said it’ll be out next month.

They’re in beta testing right now. I’ve been talking to Michael Love about it. There is also talk about bringing out a Cantonese dictionary in the relatively kinda near future and expanding the Romanization options to include TOP, but nothing certain yet. Pleco really does a good job in my book and is always thinking about the next step.

This is gonna be such a game changer for me buying things in shops, ingredient lists, restaurant menus etc. I can’t wait it’s supposed to be out any day now.

I cant wait… But I find Pleco can be a real crutch at times for me. I look something up, and then quickly forget it later.

Looks pretty cool, but I wonder how well it does with messier backgrounds (instead of pure black/white). Plus it looks like it is using the iPhone 4. Would it work with the older phones?

Is there/will there be an Android version? I’d pay money for that… grocery shopping alone it would be worth a couple hundred NT$ to me!

I believe these types of apps require at minimum an auto-focusing camera, which I believe the 3GS also has. I doubt it would work on anything older than that.

I believe these types of apps require at minimum an auto-focusing camera, which I believe the 3GS also has. I doubt it would work on anything older than that.[/quote]

The resolution of the video camera is different. IPhone 4 has a HD rear video camera & 5MP still camera while the 3GS has a VGA quality rear video camera & only 3MP still camera. It “could” be a factor on more complicated characters.

i am sorry for this nonsense-question,
but this neat new feature works 100% offline, with no internet-connection, right ?

Too bad, the new Ipod touch got such misty camera (plus they are trying to cheat, as many ppl think the cam are the same as iphone 4).

What do you think, will Android may offer something similar with their google googles idea ?
I think it needs a lot of know-how, but well, it’s google, maybe they just buy Pleco company anyway …
Your ideas ?

I just recently got informed about Pleco and their service, what they offer. Must say I am impressed …
Silly, but just because of this, I am considering changing from Android to Apple - however, if so, then the 3gs is certainly enough …

I read in the Pleco forums that an Android version is in the works. But no clue given as to when. And the camera feature doesn’t require an Internet connection.

It’s here! It’s not cheap, at £8.99, but it is pretty much as slick as they made it look in the demo video. With black and white printed text in good light the results are very impressive. I am going to get a lot of use out of this.

Thanks. That is one cool little program.

weird. I read in the Pleco forums that the owner will focus on Apple and not do an Android version… but that was a few months back.

Oh wow. Wow. That’s fantastic. Right, give me a pair of blue tooth HUD shades and I’ll be set to start living the sci fi fan boy’s dream.

I can’t find the app in the US or Canadian appstore? What’s the full name of it?

It’s the Pleco dictionary. The add-ons are available as in-app purchases.

Very helpful, as usual. Thanks, Jaboney! :thumbsup: