Pleeease... Spring Scream info

There is another thread on this here, but no one seems to notice it.

I’m still wondering whether it would be “better” to go to Kenting on the first weekend of SS (3/31 - 4/2) or the second (4/4 - 4/6). I know in the past when SS has run for a week or longer, the wrap-up weekend is when most of the popular acts play. (And the skateboard ramp has a chance of being completed.)

There doesn’t seem to be a published schedule yet. If anyone finds one, could you post it here?

Oddly this year, the Wednesday in the middle of the week is the Tomb Sweeping holiday - the cause of my bewilderment.


have a blast. :sunglasses:

Thank you so much. I browsed around the Website but never found that darn schedule. I must be dim.

Not dim at all. I think they just put the schedule up today or late last night. We’re up against Mimi Chan!!! :frowning:

Deepeater you were not the only one to be confused about which weekend to go on. I didn’t manage to book a hotel on a weekend night this year because I left it too late. Something I have not done in the last 5 or 6 years.
Anyway is it just me or does the cost of the whole thing seem to be getting completely ridiculous. Even on weekdays I am paying over 2000 for a hotel room (yeah, I know this sounds dumb but I have an extreeme adversion to tents, last time I tried it, was unbearably noisy and hot in it), they are talking about 1500 for a day pass to Spring Scream etc, etc. Although I am going this year I suspect next year I will just save my money and go on a trip to another country.

It really is best to camp. It saves a lot of money and is quite fun. Well, the wind and rain can be troublesome at times, but what the hey? The ocean is nearby for keeping clean.

I go every year because I think it is a fabulous event. I like the non-commercial feel of it. It has gotten more expensive as the years have passed, but you gotta admit, the organizers put a lot into it. I, for one, hope they make off with some profit besides. There are few enough people in this world who make stuff like this happen, and I can certainly think of lesser ways to spend just as much money.

I’m going second weekend.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can get my dog to Kenting with me? I’m in Taipei.

You do know that typically those $2000 rooms are normally only $700/a night. I’ll wait till everyone’s gone and they’ve cleaned up after you all before I go down there. :stinkyface:

For anyone who may be interested there are some very nice Spring Scream 2006 pics here: … 094950510/