Pocket Bikes

I live beside a very large and circular one way road which goes around the outside of a very large park. The center of the park has a smooth paved area which the army can use to land helicopters. And I’d like to use it as a mini-bike race track.

Anyway, plasmatron mentioned that his buddy sells them but not how much they cost.

And I found this on Yahoo (link below)…but I can’t read it…and the only mention of a price I see is 8800nt…and if that is the price of the bike…then I’ll take two please.

Can someone translate it for me please: tw.page.bid.yahoo.com/tw/auction/1139731594

< edit: I edited out my penis comment to make sandman look all the weirder.>

Since we’re on the subject of your penis, there’s a shop on Heping East Road I drive past every day that has several. I think the guy does custom work on them because they look like real pieces of work – he even had a chopped one for a while that was an amazing looking thing.
I’ll try to stop off there soon and price them for you.

Would you two please get a room already? :unamused: :smiling_imp:

Is that a bike in your pocket?

Those bikes are made in China so 8800nt seems a tad high, but roughly in the ballpark. I think you’re paying extra for the fancy replica paint jobs. Back home the same bikes sell for $200 which is about 6400nt with no fancy paint jobs. I have an Italian made pb (Polini) and a Chinese made bike. The China bike can’t even come close to the performance and quality of the Italian bike, obviously. But if you’re talking fun/dollar, the China bikes win hands down (the Polini costs over 7 times more than the China bike).

Make sure you have access to spares though or be ready fabricate your own replacement parts since these bikes are not too reliable (the motor itself isn’t too bad).

Wear your leathers too. Those tires on the pics are the crappy types. they slide easily then grab, throwing you into a high side.