Podcasts in Taiwan

The most popular podcast in Taiwan right now has to be 百靈果News, a.k.a. The KK Show.

It is a topical news show that interviews politicians and internet celebrities.

I get the feeling that the hosts both lived in the US for a period and are pretty familiar with the podcast format as a result.

My favorite episode is when they interviewed Professor Shen who specializes in thwarting foreign cyber meddling.


I mainly listen to Bailingguo as its the most professional. Yesterday they had an ex KMT general on to discuss the KMT and modern Taiwan. I thought was really cool and watershed moment in Taiwan with different generations having open and peaceful dialogue

Wow snap. KK show is my favorite. Kylie studied in the US I think and Ken spent a lot of his life in Canada. I like the way they are always referencing Bill Burr and Dave Chapelle etc, makes me feel that Taiwan has really moved into the global zeitgeist and makes it relatable to me as a foreigner in the way that Kangxi or old entertainment shows wernt

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While that’s true, I imaging most of their listeners would have no clue what they are referencing when they slide into that mode.

Netflix has changed a lot in Taiwan though. A lot of people are watching Western startup these days with subititles

What do you mean by “Taiwan Podcasts”?
Recorded in Taiwan?
About Taiwan?
Hosted by Taiwanese?

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Well, the ones I listen to and that are somehow related to this thread are:


Thanks all - good stuff here that I didn’t know about.

Taiwan podcasts , like by Taiwanese. Podcasts are super popular in Taiwan, since last year. Really exciting times with loads of entertaining and new voices

Metalhead Politics is definitely worth a listen, although honestly, where the hell do Freddy Lim find the time to do a podcast? He’s a legislator, in a world famous death metal band. Isn’t that enough for work for one person?

Anyway, the KK Show also interviewed Aljenljeng Tjaluvie, the Paiwan singer that won the golden melody best album of the Year award.

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I think Metalhead politics would be better in Chinese. I heard both of them on a stream the other day speaking Chinese and was much more interesting and fluid.

I like the Froggy podcast

I also like the 9m88 podcast , if you are into hip hop or music https://open.spotify.com/show/0n2fnuL95DlLA1r7abtYgy?si=qyZY3EPIQWakxh-wThyVsA

The Abao one was really good.

For Taiwanese politics, really recommend the Watchout podcast https://open.spotify.com/show/6g9Y6AYaRDeAXctXLDq4A4?si=i6ml3WLuSVubL5Xykmj67A

It’s not made by Taiwanese, but The Economist publishes a (in my opinion) very interesting regular podcast called “The Intelligence”. One of the last episodes also contains a part about Taiwan.

Apart from that, for German listeners I really find “Taiwancast” recommendable. It is produced in Taipei and Berlin.


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They say one platform has over 8000 podcasts in 2020, but not clear on if they are Taiwan podcasts or other podcasts on the particular Taiwan platform.

Another platform says they have 2900 podcasts.

They mention that 25% of Taiwan podcasters make up to NTD$50000 per month (meaning 75% make less).

Podcasts are booming in Taiwan

Podcasts are booming worldwide.

Formosa Files is a really good podcast on Taiwan and related history.

Quite nice for someone that just wants to listen and catch up on Taiwan history.

If you been around Taiwan a while you probably know it all but still nice to just be able to listen and refresh.


Relatively more in Taiwan, especially when compared before

Nearly every Taiwanese I know is starting a podcast

Podcasts have been booming for awhile in the West, but it’s like Taiwan just figured it out.