Podcasts in Taiwan

Are podcasts popular in Taiwan? What do people use to listen to them? iTunes? Spotify? Something else?
What types of podcasts are popular? I’m more interested in what locals listen to (if they do) than what foreigners are.

I use Pocket Cast on my phone and Spotify on my Echo to listen to them.

I use BeyondPod. I’m more interested in local use and how popular podcasts are here.

I wanted to but never tried any Taiwan podcasts. There are a lot with the word Taiwan in the title.

Here’s some of the top most popular according to Castbox.

And most relevant.

I really want to know what Taiwanese are listening to, and how, but thanks for the idea, maybe I can use this to get an idea.

Just use top ten on Spotify. I listen to a lot

Most popular is bailingguo 百靈果 , also my favorite

Gooaye is good but finance focused

The Reporter one Is awesome, proper investigative journalism

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All on Spotify

Yes. This one is super popular with local millennials.

Ok, that’ll do for Spotify’s charts. Can I assume Spotify is reasonably popular in Taiwan? Does Spotify scrape all podcasts, or does a podcaster have to register their feed on Spotify? My Spotify account is messed up.

Yes would say most popular medium for podcasts. It’s has all the podcasts through RSS feed, no scraping.

Spotify charts basically represents most popular

Really great. I like the KK show more than the international news one, but thinks it’s great that a show based on international news is most popular in Taiwan. Times have changed

Indeed. It’s great seeing young people here take an interest in international affairs. They used to be so horribly uninformed.

So the podcaster has to register the RSS feed on Spotify?
But some content is only on only on Spotify, like that Rogan one?

Are those separate podcasts, or do they run two shows on one feed? I can’t sort out what their doing. I’m not going to bother listening, but I’m curious how they make the bilingual thing work in this format. It looks like they just sit around BSing.

99% of content is eveywhere

They have a few shows on the same feed. KKsjow is best when they have a guest on.

What type of stuff do u like?

Little of interest to anyone else. I’m not looking for more ways to waste time. This is research.

Bailingguo is most popular
Spotify top ten is basically interchangeable with iTunes top ten.

Soundon is Taiwanese podcast player who also make content and curate Chinese speaking podcasts


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This one is new and popular. It’s s crowd-funded in-depth investigative journalism podcast. Basically they decided Taiwan Media shit and nobody in Taiwan has budget or will to do quality investigative journalism. So they came out with this.

So this is what young people in Taiwan do , they crowd fund quality journalism and it’s really popular. The kids are alright


KKshow also on YouTube. They are aiming to be Taiwanese JRE and often reference Rogan. They have a lot of Taiwanese stand-up on there, so like rogan heavily rooted in stand-up scene

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Podcasts are exploding in Taiwan. Can search for some figures, audience is clearly millennial and younger. Some recording studios opened in Taipei for podcasts.Would say in run up to election from November to now, really exploded.

Podcasts are exploding in Taiwan right now. Everyone seems to be listening to podcasts, talking about podcasts.

What Taiwan podcasts do you listen to?