Poise & Grace

What is it with young women here sticking out their tongues? This is Miss University for crying out loud! :unamused:

I thought she was rather cute and showed a bit of character in her face rather than the usual dead-fish-eyes and fake smiles that beauty queens tend to have

Dude, she’s awesome cute!

And, she didn’t break down ‘n cry, with tears, sweat, and snot runnin’ down her face.

I am all for this sticking out of the tongue amongst beautiful young women.

She is cute!

She’s truly gorgeous, and if she sticks out her tongue in the right places, then I’m all for it. And if she knows nothing about those right places, I’ll be deliriously happy to coach her.

I wondered how long it would be 'til Omni appeared!!

oh to be young and single agian… perhaps I’d just settle for young.

Such a babe :sunglasses:

There have been a number of occasions when people have stuck their tongues out at me here in Taiwan, and it hasn’t been cute at all. Although she’s lovely :stuck_out_tongue:

Has anyone else had this experience? One day, while sitting, waiting for the bus, a guy rode past on his bike and stuck his tongue out at me, and continued to do so until he was forced to turn and watch where he was riding. Now, apart from not quite understanding why I was the victim of such a display, I find that kind of gesture utterly childish and stupid, and to me, it is the height of ill-conceived behaviour. There have been other occasions where younger girls have done it too. But it’s so passive, I can’t really raise a fuss about it. :imp: Maybe I should relax, but it irks me…

The sticking out of the tongue on occasions such that in the picture is generally associated with embarrassment isn’t it?

come on… she is cute and does not have the stupid expression " I really won !!! "that goes with a fake cry/grin…

did you check if there was some thing pasted around you, like “kick me” :laughing:

Oh, she’s cute alright. Not arguing that at all. I’m talking about poise and grace. Sticking one’s tongue out isn’t a particularly adult expression. I know many girls in Taipei do it, even into adulthood. I’ve seen female bank managers giving presentations to 20 senior manager/stuffed-shirt types resort to giggling and tongue-sticking when they get nervous. Don’t they have any idea of how jeuvenile they look? And this woman isn’t Miss Ximending, or Miss Betelnut, she’s Miss University. You’d think she would carry herself with a little more dignity, no? She’s a woman, not a seven year old, right?

Beauty pageants and dignity?


Its terribly, terribly important to maintain proper standards in beauty contests. I think Maoman is quite right to bring our attention to this. I hope that the contest organisers will take proper steps to ensure that, in the future, the sensibilities of the nation are not to be offended by any inappropriate behaviour on the part of the ladies.

Thank you.

You can teach Taiwanese not to stick their tongues out. (I tried this - it works).

The writ goes like this:

  1. Taiwanese sticks tongue out. :imp:
  2. You quickly grab onto it and pull (use force). :smiling_imp:
  3. The Taiwanese will never stick her tongue out at you again. :smiley:

This kind of behavior is also seen in Shanghai btw.

this woman would have been more interesting If she had a stud in her tongue

Holger-you must be braver than I thought, grabbing your wife’s tongue like that. I’ve heard Taiwanese women are a rather tough lot, and would sleep with my hand strategically placed if I were you.

Who said that it was my wife? (Who doesn’t do things like that)

You have to do it so it comes across as a joke… but with a serious edge.

I always thought it showed how popular Michael Jordan is over here?

On a related note, anyone else noticed the squat position that cutesy Taiwanese girls go into when they are really scared or excited. Usually accompanied by hands on the head and a high pitched squeal?

What a silly old thread! Tongue out, tongue in, the girl’s damned cute.
A Miss Universty pageant winner should keep her tongue in her chops and maintain a serious studious appearance at all times, eh Maoman?

I’d like to see the award given based on creases down the side of the head from nodding off on a pile of books in the aircon library. Better still, evidence of dried up drool down the chin. Perhaps a pen twirling display for good measure.

Then of course, we could ramp up to the full slutty formula - with lots of tongue flashing - for the Miss Missed University.

Totally barmy


When an attractive young woman licks her lips or sticks out her tongue, it comes across to me as sexually suggestive and a bit of a turn-on. Of course, if her face is enveloped in a scowl and she intends it to carry the same message as giving the finger, then I don’t find it endearing at all. But that’s evidently not the case with our lovely Miss University. She’s just a fluttery young thing, and her response to winning the title is entirely appropriate and becoming.

If an old crone or one of those dreadful Taiwanese Mothers were to do the same thing, it would be unutterably horrible.