Poisonous crab for sale in a fish market

I saw this news:


A guy claims to have bought these crabs from the fish market and a friend told him it’s a poisonous crab. I have no idea how they made it into a fish market but be careful buying crabs… if it looks colorful and has a black tip on its claws, it’s poisonous. As in will kill you dead in a short time.

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Good thing I never buy crappy crabs from the outdoor market.

But my mother-in-law… uh oh… better look extra close at the seafood she brings us. :flushed:

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Oh oh, someone better tell @Dr_Milker

He was just saying last week how he got a whole case of crabs :eek:


Sure, but I’m not the one who’s gonna be eating them. :wink:





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What a waste of good food. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Which somebody tell marasan there’s quality content he’s been missing.

I had no idea there are poisonous crabs. Does the article talk about it?

To be fair, misidentified food and medicine is kind of common in most cuntries unfortunately.

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Never heard of poisonous crabs

Have a google and see.

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Yeah wow


I have no idea how they made it into a fish market

Are you suggesting there is some kind of standard for stuff that is sold at the markets?

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There is something fishy about this story. Usually, when you buy at the market they come tied up and not in a box mixed with starfishes and other random crabs. This is probably bought from a grandma that found a box of random sea creatures from one of her fishermen relatives and decided to go sell them.

Was that a pun?

no pun intended! thought of writing that but was worried about people telling me that crabs are not fish…

They probably laughing at the something fishy at the fish market

-tommy likes to state the obvious

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This I heard about many years ago when a foreigner showed a fisherman in the Philippines the catch of the day, a crab. The fishermen made him clear that when he eats this crab he would die.
There are only a few species of crab that will kill you tho.

Deadly crabs

Well I learned me sunthin
I never did know there were poisonous crabs

Lined with toxic mercury and Fukushima radiation?

Ya really. I have read about maby a seafood being contaminated via human laziness and greed. But baturally poisonous crabs is new on me. Pretty cool. Bout time they figured out biological warfare. Pinchers just make people hungry, not scared…