Poke Bowl Places

Didn’t expect to see this. At Breeze Mall Nanjing.


No. 337號, Section 3, Nanjing East Road, Songshan District, Taipei

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This looks pretty good. I miss eating ahi tuna steaks.

Pleas report back.
According to Yelp, it’s been there a year now. Only 2 reviews, but no mention of mayo; I’m in.

I was expecting an abei with 10 phones set up for Pokemon go tbh

It’s good, but I like PoPoke better. More choices; more customizable to personal tastes.

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JJ’s POKE & CAFE 2店, Xinhai Road

Yum $184 with drink I ordered separately. Lots of optional toppings. I think they have a few locations.


Fancy Poké is great. Really clean, fresh, healthy.

Not to far from 101
夏威夷生魚飯 莊敬店 (Hawaiian Raw Fish Rice Zhuang Jing Branch)


Maybe it tastes good (I have not tired) but sure does not look like Poke in Hawaii (normal ones), I do not see big chunks of fish so maybe the photo is not good. Looks like Taiwanese fusion food.

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Hungry Girl strongly recommends Kame House.

When Level 3 ends I’ll give it a try. This doesn’t sound like the kind of food I should take on the MRT and eat at home 90 minutes later.

Yes poke bowl places are becoming kind of a worldwide modern fusion take on basic poke.

You pick what you want in it and they are usually dozens of choices protein, vegetables, carb, sauce, etc.

I’ve had them in Japan and Europe and they kind of all follow a similar ordering process and even kind of look similar.

It does not even look like basic Poke, like a Taiwan lunch box.

In Japan, looks more real

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Right, poke bowls and shops are the modern take on traditional poke.

Yea, what an almost was! definitely not poke :expressionless:

Haloa Poke near Taipei station is nice and popular. Seems to be a chain with at least 3 locations.

HALOA POKE 夏威夷拌飯 南陽店

My buddy had a Poke shop in Tainan, and people didn’t get it. It was a great shop, but he closed within 1 year. Tainan is totally different monster when it comes to restaurants.

Shameless plug
cough My shop is coming soon! (Sushi not Poke) cough

Zhonghe. Nothing special.

菜市仔 POKÉ 中和永安店

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