Poker Chips!

I wanna start a poker night with friends but have not been able to find poker chips anywhere. Even tried Toys R Us but no luck! Anyone know where they can be found?

I got a load of poker chips recently out of 6-packs of Heinniken(might want to check that spelling). You get 12 chips with 6 beer so I hope you have drinking at your poker nights. I use them for playing bingo with the students now.

they are often sold where mahjong tiles are, right down to stationary stores, not great quality though. you could try one of the mahjong specialty stores, there’s one on east side of that street just east of the mingyao department store between zhongxiao and renai. zhongxiao sec 4 alley 347 or something.

A friend of mine got a Texas Hold em set at Toys R Us that included a rack of poker chips that are like the ones I brought from the States with ridges. Also had felt, dice, and cards included. I myself went on a mission looking for them here, going to places like bookstores and Toys R Us. I was unable to find anything decent. The ones I did find were not ridged, so you could not stack them. Fortunately, I had a friend visit from the States who brought me 4 boxes of Bicycle chips.

They sell a great set at Costco. $2000 for 5 colors, they are “clay” like. (I don’t think they make clay ones anymore) anyways they are not the crappy plastic ones. It also comes in a nice silver case.

If u r looking to play or looking for players send me a pm. I play with a group of regulars once a week.

I know it’s been asked before, does anyone know where I can get some decent poker chips in Taiwan? I sent someone to check at costco and they said those nice boxes were gone. Any other suggestions?

Poker is gambling and gambling is prohibited in Taiwan … :bow: you might be able to find some at the WTC … export samples

just do a or similar auction search for 籌碼… chances are you can find an online seller who’s in your area and you can pick them up in person if online isn’t for you… I got one of these 500pc sets and they’re great, good solid feel to them, 500 of them plus case can be a bit heavy mind you but they do them in 300pc sets too… seems every poker chip sold/made in TW is one of 3 generic types, some cheesier than others with VEGAS nonsense all over them…

I brought back a set of 500 clay chips (11.5g, same as casinos) with a case, but haven’t been using them since my friends also have sets. If you’d like to take them off my hands (I’m in Taichung), pm me. I can email you a picture.

Any place that sells paper and school supplies. There is always at least one rack of game stuff like dice, cards, poker chips and Chinese checkers. The poker chips are usually cheap plastic but they work.

thanks for the tip. i didn’t use the yahoo one but i found one just like it on another site. about $1000 for a nice little case.