Poker in Taipei

Anyone want to host? :discodance:

No, taker her to the mountains.

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Do chinese people even know how to play poker? I guess they play mahjong instead…

There’s a lot of Chinese faces on facebook poker.

Isn’t the word “poker” derived from the Chinese for playing cards.

Yeah, but do their names show up as Chinese or English? I know my friends (some of them Chinese) play FB poker too.

What about online? Is this legal yet? And if not, aren’t there ways to get around it?

Is anyone CTP member? How much does it cost and what are the tournament buy in ranges in Taipei?

I see poker clubs in Taipei and other cities.

Here for example. Don’t know any details.

Yeah, poker tournaments are allowed in Taiwan. But you have to be member of the Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association (CTP Club). Just wondering if anyone is and how much they pay etc.

Poker player here. There are a bunch of these legal poker clubs in Taipei and they’re all close to each other on Nanjing West Rd. There’s CTP, Ace8, Dr.Poker, and I believe there’s one up in Shilin.

I’ve been to Ace8 and Dr.Poker, but never to CTP. You have to sign up and become a member at these places but it’s free. The way it works is that they’re officially ran as tournaments (which makes them legal), but they’re essentially structured like cash games. They’re timed tournaments ranging from 2 hours to 3 hours. There different buy-in amounts across the board, 3k, 6k, 11k, 22k, 54k, etc.

Let’s take the 3k buy-in for example. It’s a 3,000nt + 400nt buy-in, the 400nt is the rake (fee), and you get 30,000 in chips. For the first hour of the “tournament” the blinds are 100/200. And because this is a tournament, the blinds have to increase, so for the 2nd hour the blinds become 200/300. After 2 hours, whatever amount of chips you have, you cash out. So if you have 60,000 chips at the end, you get 6,000nt in cash. And then a new tournament begins.

That’s basically how it works for all the buy-in levels and there’s a 10% rake for all stakes (ie the 6k is 6,000+600). The higher buy-ins may have slightly different durations (2.5 or 3 hours).

Side note, CTP is supposedly a more serious place meaning there are more regs and pros there, so you prolly don’t want to be playing there. Ace8 has the most players and the most amount of games running throughout the day. The players are awful, but the rake is pretty high.

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