Poker Online

I haven’t played any Omaha for a while. All this talk is getting me in the mood


50 buy in. I can’t remember the details, which isn’t good.

Same…but I made a rule to only gamble with a certain amount of money I’m willing to lose and not being a bank card. Online poker makes that impossible.

Hah. Been playing poker for more than 50 years now. My first royal flush … in an offline game for no gain. :smile:

This was the first hand of the session.


Ha. I think I got one in Omaha once or twice.

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Never got one in my life. I don’t think I’ve ever had a straight flush either.

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Play Omaha more :slight_smile: I still have a fond memory of crunching this German guy with a straight flush.

I was playing 5 card Omaha yesterday. Now, that’s lively

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When I first started playing, I played a lot of Omaha and 5 card. For some reason, everyone I played with preferred Texas Holdem as time went by.

Most people seem to! I find it pretty boring, but I played a lot of Omaha pot limit.

5 card Omaha limit is funny. Not staying in pre flop is a challenge. As is post flop for that matter.

I guess it would be! I never played as far as I can remember. Imagining you’ll want a straight unless there’s really nothing on the board

Once in Omaha I pulled 4 Aces on the turn and river to beat a guy who flopped 4 2’s.

Nut straight on the flop can rapidly become an expensive loss.

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PokerStars has a home game option. I watch a bunch of guys I know to varying degrees back home, but it’s only once a week and sometimes it gets cancelled due to lack of players. It also means I have to watch their play evening time (about 3am for me).

The downside with the home games is the rake is eye-watering. The plus side is you’re probably not playing against a bunch of Russian pros.

It would be great if someone could get a table together. Maybe $50 buy in NL hold’em. 6 player table. I would love to watch that. A bunch of players all watching the table via a VPN.

Come on guys! I want to watch/play. I’ll sort all the shite out

I need at least two players.

Lurking until I can figure out which you want to do, watch guys play poker online or play poker in some way that I didn’t understand.

How it would work etc.

I can’t PM you. Send me your pokerstars name and I’ll get you added.

You can, actually. Just takes a couple more steps (you have to create a new message, and in the To: box just type @bojack)

But I will have to create a pokerstars account first, so.

Ok. Let me know when you can.