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I’ve been missing playing poker online. I played at Bovada for a year in Taiwan but Bovada is now Ignition Casino and I had a hell of a time getting my payout check. Does anyone play online poker here? I understand that its not strictly legal but I don’t think it is actually enforced. Right now I am stuck with money in my Skrill account but with no way to deposit it into my Pokerstars account. I’ve searched the forum for this topic but things change and what works one year doesn’t work another year. Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

I play on Pokerstars. If you need to deposit, use Entropay.

Is it still possible to play on Pokerstars? They don’t check the player’s IP address, do they?

IP and location is not an issue for PS. Your location is shown, along with the ROC flag when you play from Taiwan.

PS seems happy to have players from Taiwan. Getting money into your account is the challenge, as the credit card companies cooperate with Taiwan’s laws.

The service I quoted earlier “Entropay” doesn’t work anymore.

There’s still a way to do it, but I’m not going to publicize it. If you need info, PM.

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I keep getting my IP address checked. Not working for me.

Have you tried 888?

I found it very difficult to set up an account. They all seem like that nowadays. I’ll give it another try.

I was having a great time in the UK, making loads of money. Come back to Taiwan and hit non-compliance issues. Such an annoying backwards shit-hole at times.

What games were you playing from the UK? Or were you playing in local cash games?

I was playing on Poker Stars and Coral online. I usually lose in cash games, but online I’m good.

Do you play more games than Texas hold 'em?

No, just hold 'em. 6 player tables.

I see. I like hold 'em, too, online or cash.

I like razz and stud in cash games only. Probably because I grew up thinking that 5-card stud is plenty action enough, doggonit. Not a big Omaha guy, mainly because there are so few cash games.

After an ego realignment I’m back playing again and winning small amounts.

It’s a harsh old game.

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Between my last post and this I’ve lost 100USD in two all in hands. All fun and games.

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still at PS?


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Are you using a HUD? I miss my days on Bovada/Bodog

No, but I don’t think it would have helped.

Stakes? All in before or after the flop?