Police Attack Hornets and Student drivers

Got attacked by a hornet while I was doing well over the speed limit on Sunday.

Little guy got under my body armour (no they’re not hornet proof) and stung the sweet Jesus out of me. Thanks to Buddha it wasn’t my face.

Managed to slow down and send him to Hades.

I think those Barney Fief’s in Shen Ken have been training attack hornets to get outlaw-motorcycling-speed-creeps like myself.

Also has anyone noticed the large amount of dangerously slow student drivers on the weekdays out on the 106? They are like mobile land mines-almost tore off my mirror on one coming fast around a curve.

Watch it out there. :astonished:

I have a friend who had a hornet fly into her helmet as she was riding with the visor up!..It stung her and she just let out the anchors…it resulted ina minor spill and just minor damage to her ZR-7S!..I can only imagine the feeling…hold on to the bars or go for a helmet shake?

In Taichung a few years back, I got stung on the earlobe. The bee got sucked into my helmet and WHAAAA! Hurt like you wouldn’t believe.

Then my earlobe turned into a rock for days…the weirdest thing…

It’s hard to ride visor down when it’s 38 degrees :frowning:

Years back I had a huge bumblebee fly up past my chin and buzz around in front of my face, visor down. A few months later another bee got into my jacket while going 170 or so and stung me on the nipple. Ouch. Lucky not to crash that time.

[quote=“hsiadogah”] stung me on the nipple. Ouch. .[/quote] :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

When I saw the title I thought police were attacking student riders on Honda Hornets.

Shouldn’t a properly fitting helmet be snug enough that a bee shouldn’t be able to fly up into it? Sucks about them flying in through the visor, though.

Worst I had was a collision with a cockroach-like creature which exploded on impact with my face. This caused loads of white goo to go everywhere around my helmet and face. Yuk.

I got a good one.

Well, my girlfiend and I started dating at the time, took her over Yummy, around Jinshan.

A beautiful day and a beautiful ride.

Coming into Jinshan something hit the mirror and exploded. Both our right arms were covered in bug guts. My chin and visor as well.

Nothing like the first date on a bike. All I could say was;

“It happens…sometimes.”