Policing in America

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DA Gascon is telling him and every other thug in LA County that it doesn’t matter if you try to murder people.



Or steal other people’s property, or run them over and try to drive off.


Has Forumosa.corp made a formal complaint to the DA’s office?

S’not like we’re lousy with lawyers and such. :whistle:

More rhetorical violence?

Cops rob people with the force of law too.

Look up “civil asset forfeiture”

The standard to do it is so low (mere suspicion is all that is required) that they could simply rob people at will, at a low enough amount that it isn’t worth suing to get it back.

Went to the well once too often.

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It’s a 16 yr old, traffic “accident”. Not surprising. If he didn’t run, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was no charges.

Stormy Daniels?

So who else of interest are you not spreading rumors about? :smiley:

She’s in need of new representation these days.

Of interest to whom? :neutral_face:


I think the tipsy Mr. Pelosi will do. I don’t have a wish list of people I feel karma should smack down. People usually get what they deserve, in one fashion of another.

I’m confused.

I’m not an investigator on this case. Are you expecting ME to solve it? I think the lack of a follow up report from the press says lots.

Why you being so coy? You were clearly saying more with the rumors comment and the little whistling emoji… It’s ok if you wanted to make s little comment about Nancy (or whoever…)

You think too much.

Another weekend, another murder in Albany.


And this, which will probably become more the norm.

Done. Good.

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