Politics at work and legal issues


I work for a large company here in Taipei.

Prior to the election, one of our mid-level managers started running around the office showing the two finger, KMT/PFP support sign.

At the time of the shooting of A-bien, she came around to assure us that it was not to be taken seriously.

As of Monday, she’s been a disheveled, snappy witch. She’s created a coalition of the silly and there has been non-stop forwarding of conspiracy theory emails about A-bien’s staged shooting to pictures illustrating the 'horrible human rights abuses" happening in Taiwan. I suppose we’l overlook 40 years of KMT martial law… She’s even gone so far as to pass out a petition for the staff to sign, demanding a recount. This is all while joining a team of six or so other employees and managers making protest signs, on company time, with company resources, and generally being disruptive. Try working while six giant rolls of tape are unrolling several feet from your desk…

Anyway, I am just letting off a bit of steam here, but I am curious, does Taiwan have any laws about this sort of thing?

I mean, a manager distributing political materials is endorsing the contents and, given her position of authority, is tantmount to coercion. In my country she’s be so fired.

Four years experience living here, (and for the most part loving it) makes me suspect this would fall into to the nether regions of murky, grey “wo bu zhe dau” legal uncertainty.

I run a business here and if I ever saw that shit to the extent that you say, I would give one warning. If that warning wasn’t heeded, I would fire her fat arse so fast I get excited just thinking about it. :smiling_imp:

What’s disturbing to me is the report, in another thread (I forget exactly where), about how kids in a local kindergarten were flying Pan-Blue flags in class before the election. What the &*^@!? Any teacher tried to indoctrinate kids with propaganda like that, if I were a parent I’d yank mine out as soon as possible and give the director of the school a mouthful. Whatever the political persuasion of the propaganda. Kids that age don’t need their teachers trying to brainwash them!