Poll - Are you addicted to ManTouDan?

  • Yes, I eat it everyday!
  • No, Im not, but I like it very much!
  • I can eat it, but thats it!
  • Meh!
  • ManTouWhat?!
  • Why so many exclamation marks?!

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Have you tried ManTouJiaLianGaTan?

  • Yes!
  • No!
  • I dont know!

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you mean 擖剖?

See picture above.

thats 擖剖

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Thats gua bao, isnt it?

What is it?

Bu Shit!

no宇his is :point_down:


Come on @lostinasia we are waiting for you!

That looks solid.

one of my favorite night mkt edibles

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Gross. Looks like a night market abomination, its not a thing, i.e no one would know what you were talking about if you just said man tou dan.

Who exactly is Mantou Dan, and what illegal substances is he selling? :thinking:

used to be Manitoba Dan until he married a local girl and set up a stall selling them in Ning-Xia night mkt.


Not to be confused with Brandon Dan that sells Biandang in Tanzi

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I didnt even know this thing exists.
Is it your wonderful invention ?

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You guys are living in the wrong island.



I went to the breakfast shop today and the guy in front of me ordered man tou jia liang ga dan.

These things happen only once in a life time.

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We still dont know what in Gods creation this thing is, do we?

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