Pollen Levels

There isn’t much talk or news about pollen levels in Taiwan. Probably because air pollution is a bigger concern.

Any online place to check pollen levels?

I’ve found that pollen only really bad in summers in places that have very dry climates, i.e., low humidity. So, most of Taiwan is humid in summer.
Think of the humid air as sort of “weighing” down the pollen.

It is a big concern in Japan. If anyone is allergic and plans to visit say March or April…bring medicine. Lots of it. You´ll need it.

Taiwan does not have such extensive floral fieleds in cities where people may keel over from the pollen. Pollution overall is a bigger concern all year round, so it gets the publicity.

Just don’t move to Linkou. A combination of the tree pollen from all the forests around coupled with the dampness which creates perfect environment for mold is absolutely killing me.

Interesting topic. It would be fun to brainstorm or read about this topic. As certain places in taiwan are hotspots for certain crops. Also humidity, wind, species etc would be worth talking about. Pollution is TERRIBLE here and people always blame either China or allergies without much to back it up.

I am generally not allergic to anything.

But living in the middle of about 10 plus square kilometer of mango plantation, it did cause beathing issues in flower season. In that coincided with dry season, aka polluted as f#*@.

Not just pollen though. One should enter the real of AG sprays. Not just persticides which can easily get on pollen and float around, but auxin/hormone sprays that are sprayed on certain crops during flower to prevent or aid flower drop and development. These things will obviously get on the pollen and fly around and im curious now how this could effect our breathing and _________?