Polleria - Peruvian rotisserie chicken around CKS Memorial Hall MRT Station

Can’t believe noone mentioned them here yet in their 5 years of existence, except for one small side note in an event post:

秘魯烤雞 Polleria
No. 61-5, Guling Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, 100
0979 511 540

Super delicious chicken, even though on the expensive side with menus starting at 299NTD.


Your post inspired me to look it up on Google Maps, only to find out I’d already saved it some time back as “want to go.” Thanks for the reminder. Been years since I was in that neighborhood, but will have to find a reason to.

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We did talk about it. Actually the chicken is good but getting to the place is not that convenient.

I ate there once and can’t say I was that impressed. The chicken is OK, but the rest of the dishes are pretty blah, and the food is overpriced for what you get. I really wanted to like it too, because it’s a short walk from where I live.

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Yeah, my original excitement at the title waned considerably at what looked like skewely portions and featureless sides and presentation, no doubt at exorbitant prices.

Having said that, here’s a cookie :cookie: and a glass of milk :milk_glass: for the OP for spelling “rotisserie” correctly :+1:.

Read all the reviews was excited to eat there, ate it once and it was just…eh alright…nothing special. I’ve had way better Peruvian Chicken in US by far… never went back, its not easy to get to… just not worth the effort to go again. I mean if it was next to my house sure…