Polls are broken

Are polls broken?

  • Yes
  • No

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I put a Poll in International Politics. It disappeared twice and now have three choices for each option:

[Have you received your US Overseas Absentee Ballot yet?

holmes put a Poll in Open Forum and it disappeared:

[How long have you been / were you in Taiwan?

Yet another Mod Gone Wild like the preview screen being broken?

Not a mod that I did. I think the poll problem described here has been a long standing one (that is, way before I put in the Choose Multiple Answer mod)

When you edit a poll post (that is, the first post of a thread that has a poll), the changes you make to the poll screw it up. Maoman posted a workaround somewhere.

Will post it and correct the problem when I get the chance

Polls are not broken. They just said that they’d probably pull out of Iraq by the end of next year.