Polls, graphs, table

Is there any way I can add a poll after the first poll in a thread? Sometimes new issues arise within a poll thread and a second poll is called for. How about adding polls after a normal thread has begun?

Can we insert tables or graphs in our polls?

While we’re on the subject, how about Power Point. And sound?

I know Maoman can merge polls.

Why not. Great idea!

I say don’t give Gus too many ideas or we’ll never get this site up again.

[quote=“Richardm”]I say don’t give Gus too many ideas or we’ll never get this site up again.[/quote] :snooty:

Aubrey, no the polls here do not permit you to add charts, although you can edit your poll options.

You are best of posting your charts as an image and a new poll in a different thread and linking to that new discussion from the original poll discussion

I understand. One other question. Do we have a draft function, if we do, we could really posts worthy of being read by our fellow posters and other readers.

We did once. But it got mothballed - an upgrade or two ago. Also, I was never sure that the draft feature worked with the polls, since poll questions are stored separately from the text of a post

So, I found it that we can choose three different types and two different ways to show a result of a poll

Were these options always there or added recently?
Can we have even more?

There was an update today, with a bunch of changes to polls, yes. More here if you’re interested

They make changes regularly, but it depends on what they think is practical, viable, desirable, etc. What changes are you interested in?

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I didn’t think anything in specific. But having other options can definitely make polls more useful that just the regular use for demographics.