Pool Hall/ Internet Cafe

When I go to Taiwan I love play billiards with my uncle. Also inside is the PC bang or internet cafe. Inside I typical see very sad looking people lots of beer playing for so long. What is there story. Why can people spend so long time to play video games. Also why they try to hide is in the back of billiards building. Almost like it is illegal or something? Not advertised on the front like the billiards?

People are bored, they can go hang out/hide out and the wife/girlfriend doesn’t bother them while they drink beer and other things they can’t do at home. It also is a good time consumer where they can tell the wife or girlfriend they were there for a few hours when were also at a bar next door or at a love motel. Some pool halls have girls around to play pool with you or maybe some other options. Also a place for some gambling playing pool or other things. It may say pool hall, but a lot of other things may be going on.

Wife: Where are you? Are you out at a bar with the guys?
Husband: No! I’m just playing pool with one friend and drinking tea (sipping beer, betting money on the game, flirting with girls).

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Anyone into the game has no problem with an 8 ball in the evening

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