Poor McDonald's workers

do they play that “I’m lovin’ it” song the whole day at McDonalds?? that is cruel to the workers… that song sounds like a left over that didn’t make the cut for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Part 2 Soundtrack

It seems that McDonald’s “new image” is just that song. I never go there, but has anything actually changed? Didn’t they promise new healthier meals?

You know, you are absolutely right. At least the soundtrack for Part 1 had “Spin That Wheel”, with lead vocals by Ya Kid K of Technotronic fame.

yeah they got rice dinners now…which if you are forced to eat in one (ie at gun point) is a hell of a lot healthier than a big splat

We did some MacDonald’s Training stuff…
Workers were trained to smile, and to ignore their feeling. The training material said, they were doing Show business, not Food business. Just put up a smile…there you go, it’s not food your eating…it’s the show you watch…


Maybe it’s a form of control, “Serve more Big Macs or we’ll turn the volume up”. The repetition also makes them more open to suggestion, like the Chinese Water Torture.

their being extra nice, friendly and helpful to customers slow down the line BIG TIME!! I was at a McD recently and all I want is an ice-cream cone and guess how long I have to wait to get that!!! 5 mins!!! Can you believe it?? I mean the clerk took forever to help the customer before. She kept asking the customer if she needs the straws, if the sauce are alright, does she need help carrying it, does she want an extra cups or napkins…etc.

Ahhhhhh friendly is good but not too overly friendly.

McD have nothing good except the ice-cream and McFurry. Well, I had too much of it during my college time (poor students) and can’t stand it ever since then. Love the new image but nothing else is good.

The new lemon chicken nuggets aren’t bad, if not a little phony tasting.

They aren’t still selling that frightening burger with kimchee on it, are they?

Of course you all know about Hamburger U
Coming soon to Taiwan:
McPig’s knuckles toufu burger
Sweet and sour chicken McAssholes
McDurian shake with gelatin BBs
Squid ice cream

I think I am missing some… :wink:

Ever noticed that you never get an"and would you like fries with that" here?

That’s my experience almost every time, well, at least when I still went to McDonald’s.

McFurry? So, that’s what happened to Big Fluffy Matthew. (Yeah, I know, it’s a typo – and a good one, too!)

But I always get “Would you like to get the value meal instead”, which is more or less “Would you like fries (and drink) with that”? And, if I say yes, then I’m always asked if I want to supersize it. Heh, as if the regular size serving of grease wasn’t enough. I didn’t particularly care for those Lemon Chicken strip thingies either, but I figured I had to try them at least once.

I’ve eaten as much McD’s here in 1 year than I have in over 10 years when at home. That’s also partially because there’s not much to eat directly downstairs from my office.

I really miss the mom and pop hamburger stands and In-N-Out burger.

oh yes, that is def. one thing I missed about the US. in-n-out and damn that hamburger is good. But I don’t like their fries because it is a bit on the greasy side and too small for my big mouth

Flicka, I heard the same thing about the Lemon Chicken Strip but just haven’t had the chance to try it yet, but will do so soon.

Hakka, yes, another typo on my part, shame :blush: now you guys all know what I have in mind!! :wink:

As good as it is, the mom and pop hamburger stands still put them to shame. :slight_smile:

I quite like the In-N-Out fries, as they are cut from a full potato, not processed reconstituted potato mash.

I preferred Rally’s and Sonic’s…A grape and cherry slushie with chili cheese tater tots served at your car’s window… Mmm…mmm…MMMM! Or Rally’s seasoned fries with a chili dog…How about Skyline Chili and getting a good old-fashioned 3-way (and I am referring to food, not sex).

I have to say, as annoying as the “I’m Lovin’ it” song is, it’s a hell of a lot better than what I called, “Variations of Talentless Tone-Deaf Kids Singing about McDonald’s in a Low-Budget School Musical” I could almost see the kids waving their arms and leaping in the background in some lame-ass choreography move written by an underpaid, overworked, chain-smoking elementary school music teacher during the solos.

In 'n Out is highly overrated. I miss Wendy’s chili.

u gotta be kidding, right??!!

Perhaps, but you gotta admit that among the fast food burgers nothing else really comes close. To get better, you gotta goto a restaurant or mom and pop hamburger stand.

It’s definitely quite fresh though, which is one of the things I like about it. :smiley:

my favourite add is the burger king lamb burger thing… it is a picture of some lambs riding in a hot air balloon, with a huge flame powering it and the balloon is a lamb burger haha

Tried it yesterday and it is not bad at all. Chicken meat is tender and the sauce is great. One thing I didn’t like were that the chicken nuggets weren’t crunchy, kind of soft, is it normal?