Popup Chinese relaunch

Hi Everyone,

We got great feedback from the Forumosa community when we launched last year, so I wanted to post a quick note to announce that we’ve just rounded our first year anniversary and have released an updated edition of Popup Chinese. In addition to free podcasts that teach how to learn Chinese (our simple instructions), we produce regular podcasts on Chinese music, films, and offer everything from free browser dictionary plugins to annotated versions of classic stories like Dream of the Red Chamber.

New features include SRS enabled by default for our flashcards, one-click-to-get-started practice hsk tests, hsk flashcards and hsk vocabulary lists, better test and vocab storage, and practice speaking lessons that offer asynchronous feedback on spoken Chinese. There is a ton of stuff available for free - the premium features are priced at a level comparable with a standard textbook and are a lot more powerful.

And here is where you hopefully come in… as with a year ago when we launched, most of our community comes from mainland China and tends to focus on simplified characters. I like traditional, which is why we offer full support for traditional characters, but don’t get as much feedback on site usability from the fanti crowd. If anyone here does have the time to drop by and offer suggestions on usability, especially with regards to support for traditional characters, I’d love to have it (especially constructive suggestions on specific improvements that can make life easier). I’ll definitely be back to follow up on any comments here, and can be reached by email at david@popupchinese.com if anyone wants to get in touch that way.

Thanks from Beijing!