Portable Bluetooth Speakers

I want something small and easy to throw in suitcase traveling and still use around the house.

Anyone seen or use the Ultimate Ears UE Wonderboom line of speakers. Have only seen them at FNAC and they only have few in stock and few options in colors. Recently listened to quite a few in a store and this one is really superior to other comparable speakers in my opinion.

I have an older UE Miniboom and am very satisfied. If you want to go for something cheaper, Xiaomi sells some portable speakers below NT$1000.

The Wonderboom has good sound and I often use it next to pool without any worries as it’s waterproof. Unfortunately, you can’t float it in water and listen to music as the speakers are below the water line.


My daughter got one, it was cheaper on Amazon.

First time I heard one of these I was blown away. Small size, huge power.

I got a small one I bought on a whim on an EVA flight, really cheap, just for the logo. Then there is the waterproof one, for the bath, I think it was 700 as I did not want to risk anything bigger there. Bought on Yahoo.

I want one!

Cute name - we have a band in SA called the same: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voXEIyfDIss

Just noticed the Wonderboom is available from Apple Taiwan. https://www.apple.com/tw/shop/product/HMGB2PA/A/ultimate-ears-wonderboom-可攜式防水藍牙揚聲器

Picked up two UE Wonderboom speakers at Syntrend Apple shop for NT$3999 discounted from NT$2500 each made the purchase competitive. No black color in stock at any of their stores.

It is the only place in the whole building that has UE brand of speaker.

Doesn’t Costco have the Wonderboom listed in the original post? A two-pack of some kind? The design on it looks similar.

I was looking to buy a small JBL speaker and have a relative visiting bring it in but thought I would buy locally if possible. 100%+ more expensive (in Guanhua) than through Amazon.

For my money: The best travel sized portable Bluetooth speaker is

(Find it under Tribit X Boom)

Lengthy playtime, good Bluetooth range, *waterproof * , rugged, actually portable— and with pairing capabilities so you can buy two of them for a stereo effect at home if you so choose. No fluff gimmicks like colorful lighting or yet another app to download, but for what it’s supposed to be, it does a better job than any other ones I’ve tried.

UE has good portable ones, notably the Roll (2). But the wonderboom looks too chunky for my taste, like I can’t slide it in a briefcase without it messing/bulking up the lines of the bag.

Let us know what you end up buying!

I had UE boom 2’s and lasted me about 2 years. It was great.
I use JBL flip 4 now. It isn’t as powerful as UE boom 2, but it does the job.

Here’s my UE Wonderboom speakers review: Great.

  • Pros:
    • Great sound with great bass especially for size
    • 360 directional sound not directed in one direction like most speakers especially the small ones where speakers face one direction you have to stand directly in front to hear best sound
    • Put next to a wall or corner and the sound is even better almost like a Bose speaker surround sound effect, not consciously noticable but nice
    • Can bluetooth two together and sounds amazing two speakers with 360 sound
    • Waterproof
    • Good bluetooth range
    • Visible buttons so anyone can easily understand and operate is nice when other people around listening to music compared to most some small speakers that have odd, difficult to see, or no button labeling
* Cons:
    * A little bulky compared to other on market but better sound is worth the trade off.  Size exactly as round as the top of Starbucks grande carry out cup but about half as tall as the cup
    * Has pause button but not easily noticed
    * Like most small electronics these days, come with cable but no plug wall adapter
*  A few friends and I had a chance to visit a speaker shop that had about 20 different popular travel, small, portable speakers all available for a try.  The UE Wonderboom easily stood out sounding better than all of them including branded ones like JBL, Sony and Bose.

These guys say Bose is the second best option to UE Wonderboom in the category but around double the price. https://www.imore.com/best-alternative-ue-wonderboom?amp

We listened to the JBL too, there’s a store in Syntrend

I had a Boom 2 and now a Wonderboom. Generally they’re great, but both have occasionally crashed in a way that they can’t recover from without just letting the battery drain over a week or so and then recharging. There are various secret reset combinations but they haven’t helped. It’s frustrating in the middle of a trip.

Test the compatibility of bluetooth speaker with other devices in your home. Not all bluetooths are alike.

For example, some Bose bluetooth speakers don’t work well with Smart TVs (google for “bose bluetooth avrcp functionality smart tv”)

It’s not easy to determine what they really sound like in the store but I think that I’ll pick up a pair.

I’m trying 2 of these UE Wonderboom speakers next to my Bose acoustimass 7 home theater system.

Sounds really nice, fills the space, cannot identify direction, almost comparable at low levels but can’t reach the power output.

Really bizarre that nt$2500 each speakers can sound so good. And they travel well in suitcase or backpack.