Portable Hot Tub

I’m looking for a 4-5 person portable hot tub…They look like proper hot tubs and have a HARD plastic liners, they can be plugged in and used immediately, retain the same water and have self contained filtering systems…price around 2000 USD…Taiwan has a lot of jaccuzzi tubs but i’m not interested in having a bath with my buddies so if anyone knows a hot tub dealer or even manufacturer in taiwan I would appreciate…thanks

I asked the same question several years ago and got the same replies. None. I have looked and looked. Not to be found. I went online and found that most of the parts for hot tubs are made in Taiwan or China. The tubs, however, seem to be made in the U.S. After I couldn’t find the regular tubs, I went to B&Q. They had some bath spas in their catelog but not what I was looking for. Maybe this is a Biz Op. A two person tub that fits on a standard 1 meter wide balcony and uses gas or electricity. I think the market is there and it would be easy to demo them at the outdoor flower shops with a couple in swim suits having a glass of wine.