Positive outcomes of a mainland Chinese controlled Taiwan

I can tell this is going to be an argumentative thread. We’ve talked a lot on this forum about what might happen if China invaded Taiwan and how that would throw our lives up in the air, but have you ever considered the benefits of a mainland Chinese controlled Taiwan?

  • Would the economy improve? (as long as there is an economy left after a war…)

  • Tourism would certainly see a boom (from mainland Chinese tourists anyway)

For me it would mean being able to bring my parents to live in Taiwan without visa runs:

  1. Q Visa – Family/Personal Visit Visa:
  • Q1 Visa: Issued to family members of Chinese citizens or permanent residents of China who intend to stay in China longer than 180 days. The Q1 Visa has a single entry. Upon entry, the holder must apply for a residence permit within 30 days.
  • Q2 Visa: Issued to family members of Chinese citizens or permanent residents of China who intend to visit China temporarily. The Q2 Visa can be multiple entry, and valid for up to 10 years for US and Canadian citizens, carrying a stay of up to 180 days per visit.
  1. S Visa – Relatives of Foreigners:
  • S1 Visa: Issued to relatives of foreigners who are working or studying in China for a stay more than 180 days. The S1 Visa has a single entry, and holders must apply for a residence permit within 30 days of entry.
  • S2 Visa: Issued for a stay of 180 days or less. The S2 Visa can be multiple entry, and valid for up to 10 years for US and Canadian citizens, carrying a stay of up to 180 days per visit.

Let’s not turn this into a why China invading would be bad thread. We’ve been there before.

An invasion would be economically catastrophic which would take a decade to repair.

Who wants Chinese tourists?

Visa stuff I’ve no idea

EDIT: apologies, I didn’t read to the end of your post.


I would imagine the deaths of able bodied young men on both sides by the hundreds of thousands would cripple the economy for a generation or 2 when it’s already a problem with both sides with low birth rates and aging population.


I think it would be a very peaceful and quiet place, the whole Island free of cars and people, only cockroaches surviving


Focus on the positives.

I think for some of the older Taiwanese, one of the positives would be the reversal of gay marriage laws?


The problem is, numerous individual negatives outweigh any possible positives several times over.


One of the big positives would be no more threat of invasion by China.


No more debate about bilingualism or EMI


We don’t know this. China doesn’t publish accurate information. It is believed that up to half of the economy is made up. I’m sure they will cook up some numbers to make it sound like it is improving. But, Taiwan’s economy is quite different than China’s command/capitalist hybrid. there would be major upheavals.

This exists on paper only. The truth is, if you thought the Plum Blossom card was hard, normal permanent residence in Communist China is not granted to anybody except the best of the best as deemed by the CCP. You still won’t be bringing your fam here.

You’d be renewing your temporary residence visa for the rest of your life. Plebs don’t get this privilege.


Free reeducation for all


I feel like this is one area the CCP doesn’t do a good job of selling to Taiwan. I can’t think of a single positive thing at this point being part of the PRC.

How does the CCP expect Taiwan to just roll over if it seems like it’s way worse to be with them. Taiwans economy is strong and has surprisingly been adaptable in different industries for a tiny island.


Forumosa might become a more friendly, happy, inclusive place and everyone would share one opinion - especially about social and political topics :innocent:


Don’t we know what would happen? I mean, just look at HK. Everything would go downhill. And no promises made would be kept. Two systems my ass.


I’m naturalizing in November, so won’t have to worry about immigration issues post invasion… hopefully. If China did ever take over Taiwan, I’d be sponsoring my parents as if I was a Chinese citizen, so should be much easier. Although it’s also possible that post-Chinese takeover, Taiwan would have a separate immigration system to mainland China, like HK.

Invasion is not the only way China gains control of Taiwan though, a physically peaceful transition could maintain the economy for the most part, and integration with China could have economic benefits.

Oh, and less of these annoying remote workers blocking all the cafés because remotely working from China is much more difficult (in terms of restrictions, internet access, …) than working from Taiwan

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Totalitarian Communists would gain economically.


A hot war between US and China would be so horrific that its impossible to even comtemplate what the results would be. Anything is possible. Nuclear war. Full destruction of the planet.

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There are none.