Possibility of teaching English in Taiwan


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I am a UK citizen looking at studying 1 year in Taiwan, following on from my studies if I wished to stay for longer would it be possible if I had a TEFL certificate? I see you also need to have completed a degree, however do they accept other qualifications, after I left College I completed an Apprenticeship in the UK and have been working as an IT engineer since, does anyone have any info/experience with this?



You can check the requirements here.

Full-time Foreign Teacher in Cram School

(4) Those who have not obtained degrees of bachelor or higher should attach additional photocopy of annual foreign education transcripts or foreign language teacher training certificate.

For those foreign workers
without Bachelor degree such as
Associate or college degree, their
study period shall be more than
16 months in accordance with
Regulations Regarding the
Assessment and Recognition of
Foreign Academic Credentials.

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For a long time there’s been a pathway of a 2-year associate’s degree and some kind of certification (but not online). I haven’t heard much about it lately, but a search will turn up some threads on here



You need at least an Associate degree. I’ve never heard of anyone teaching legally here who didn’t have some kind of degree.



I heard that some cram schools don’t need that requirement as long as you have an official teach English as a foreign language credentials and graduated some for of college, I completed a 1 year Computing course and then another 1 year Computing course here in the UK and got diplomas I wonder if this will suffice?



The regulation says as following.

  1. An applicant who has an academic credential after graduating from a junior college or who has an associate’s degree and academic ability equivalent to having graduated from a junior college shall have spent a total period of at least 16 full months undertaking the associated program.
    With regard to the restrictions on the period spent undertaking a program referred to in the preceding paragraph, each institution of higher education shall compare the domestic and foreign education systems at that level and make an overall determination taking into account the education system in the country where the applicant obtained the foreign academic credential, the administrative calendar of the educational institution during the period the applicant was undertaking the program

The requirement is TEFL certificate and at least 16 months of higher education. You may need to know whether the required 16 months can be a total of two different courses or should be one program. I think you may ask on it to TECO, Ministry of Labor, or Ministry of Education.