Possible animal cruelty

I’m sure Taiwanese laws don’t consider this animal cruelty because they do this all the time, but I pass by this every single day. It’s a black dog in a broken cage, place smells terrible (looks like some kind of pork processing facility). I’ll let you see this for yourself…

Dog is barking pretty much nonstop when I pass by and he’s there pretty much anytime I pass by. Like he’s just left in the cage all the time. Location is Xingjhuan district, Jiangui 1 rd 194 or something, it’s between a 24 hour supermarket and a pet store, next to some kind of a factory that has lots of wooden crate (the place only opens middle of the night, it’s closed otherwise).

I can’t stand this anymore I imagine the dog has never left the cage at all, not to mention the cage is basically broken!

Set him free

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Call 1999 and report it. That is definite animal cruelty. Take photos, write pleas and post them at the site. Call Animals Taiwan. https://www.facebook.com/animalstaiwan/


wow thats gross. keep us updated. is it a puppy? looks small

Can also contact ACT, Sean used to be an active poster here but I guess he’s been very busy in recent years.


I don’t think it’s a puppy but just a grown black dog. I sent an email to animal Taiwan.

It’s just been in a cage all the time even during the day too.


i was thinking if it was a puppy you might be able to find a home for it. quite a bit harder with an adult black dog.

I do hope that doggo can be rescued and helped to find a forever home, but compared to the situation he’s in I believe anything wold be an improvement, even spending a long time at one of those shelters that don’t kill dogs.

I mean, even the homeless dogs that live in the rice fields around my house and get food scraps from the local temple live a much better life than him.

I’m not familiar with laws regarding animal cruelty in Taiwan, but if keeping a dog in that cage isn’t animal cruelty then it should be.

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yea its sick. animal cruelty laws are one thing. and they appear to be on the ‘flexible’ side of taiwanese laws. but education is another big thing. education about dogs is just lacking on both sides of the spectrum here. even a lot of people who mean well don’t have a clue. i saw a couple of girls yesterday taking their dog in a pram to the park to take selfies. they took a dog to the park and literally didn’t let it out of the pram. i wanted to slap them.


reminds me of a story of some celebrity who took her dog to a dog psychologist. Yes apparently that’s a thing. The dog was depressed. The problem was that the celebrity didn’t let the dog be a dog and run around. It was one of those purse dogs.

That’s true the indigenous dogs have a better life running around the mountains than to be kept in the cage. Take more pictures and date the pics.

Is Sean McCormick (if I got that right) still active for the animal shelter? It feels like a past life when I contacted him about a bad situation with a stray dog.

I don’t know, I fostered some cats for him before I went to the states…

I just don’t know if this is even animal cruelty under Taiwanese law, it should be but so many people leave their dogs in a cage outside… but most I have seen at least tries to make the dog comfortable. This one it’s just an empty cage with no food or water that I can see…

@Stray_Dog ?

Articles 5 and 30-1 of Animal Protection Act

He’s not part of the Sanctuary any more, now he’s heading up this outfit https://www.facebook.com/ACTAnimalCareTrust/?eid=ARBM_SICS4G3RP9eM_TLLKX3IFuW4Q6T3xl5sUjzM1w7Hi8bwEuNXjMHBa1yZcRoLqi2uH3_U3U7h1hv&timeline_context_item_type=intro_card_work&timeline_context_item_source=887415124&fref=tag

Update: I passed by and I don’t see the dog in the cage anymore. Wonder if someone told them something?