Possible obstacle in getting APRC

Ya… here’s another for those mathematical minds out there…
I’ve applied for an APRC, but irrespective of the outcome, I’ve decided not to renew my work visa or ARC.
However, I’m concerned they may ask, what? You don’t intend to work? How will you support yourself? etc, etc.
The answer I had in mind sounds to me a logical and obvious one: I intend to apply for an Open Work Permit.
Are there any potential flaws to this argument, that may say see me on a plane akin to the last scene in The Last King of Scotland?
Well, maybe not that gloomy and doomy, but I heard they have some tricks up their sleeve at the NIA…

Correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t remember my APRC application being dependent on my future plans or really having to justify what I was planning to do tomorrow. It was backward looking to my past seven years of qualifications. Did anything change since my application in 2004?