Possible Plagiarism?

www.earlytorise.com issue #2003
www.ideas2earn.com/archive.html idea#029 (january 29) are very very similar.

Both talk about selling jewellery and different ways to distribute it. Should I make a big fuss and claim that he has ripped off my idea, or should I just let it go? Do you think they are similar enough that I would have a case? Could it be worth it just for the publicity?

I look forward to your views. :laughing:

Not enough similarity.

Not enough similarity.

Hey! You plagiarizationer!

jlick, I can’t believe you went back and edited your post to look exactly like mine. That is reprehensible!

Hmm, ideas2earn #94 sounds familiar…

I was going to say the same thing.

Just wait until he does the article on running an animal shelter or providing ID chips for pets! Then you can say something.