Possible scam

They sent me the brochure etc. I have no idea how they got my details.

Anyway a guy phones me up. He sounded like one of those sales guys on late night TV selling the ultimate mop or stain remover

“exciting”, “once in a lifetime”, “I don’t usually offer this kind of deal”. He wanted my cell phone number. NO way buddy!!. He also offered me a great deal to invest min US$5K in some company
In the background there was a lot of clatter and noise. I said I’d get back to him on it

I took a day off, came back and had 15 missed calls on my phone from the same 8-1 number
I could be completely wrong, but anything that seems to fall out of the sky, pop up like this, seems dodgy

Here’s their website


There’s a Yahoo discussion too
messages.yahoo.com/Business_&_Fi … f=12&off=1

According to the website. I’m TRYING to figure out how this gels with 15 8-1 number missed calls but I’m having a hard time. :laughing:
I’d stay far, far away. They sound like jokers, or at least the one who’s hassling you certainly does.

Your mistake was saying you’d “get back to him on it”, instead of screaming obscenities in his ear and threatening him.

I have been getting several calls like that from different companies lately.

The funniest was from one guy who followed, word by word, the script used in the movie Boiler Room which is about stock market scams. I could barely keep myself from laughing in his ear. Since Enspyre records all calls (we are a call center so the system does it automatically) I have since gone back and compared the recording and the movie. Totally the same. FUNNY! Surely scam artists should have some creativity.

The company name was Alwyn Management I believe.


Is there anything NOT copied in Taiwan? Something really original?

But with some pink frilly bits added on. And no warranty.

Boiler room.

They call me twice per year, pushing some obscure piece of paper.

I asked them what the price to book on a stock was and they were unable to answer. I then hung up. If you want to buy shares open an account in a discount brokerage.