Possible to extend 30-day landing visa by 10 days?

I’m a Canadian with a Canadian passport and got here on August 1st. Since I didn’t get a visa back home, they said I had to just use the 30 day visa-exempt thingy and leave by August 30, which I liked at the time because I woulnd’t have to pay US $60 for registering a visa. However, I’d now like to stay to around Sept 5-6 or so, and was wondering if its possible to extend this visa-exempt 30 day thing at all? Or can I just overstay for 5 or 6 days and pay a $1000 NT fine. Thanks.


Under normal circustances to get an extension you need a visa, and getting an extention is sometimes difficult

Perhaps under extenuating circumstances you could extend but to say you want to spend an extra week here to walk on the beach