Possible to learn Chinese and find a job?

Is it possible to head to Taiwan to learn Mandarin and look for work on the side, while on a student visa? Maybe someone may know or has gone through a similar experience.

It is not possible to learn Chinese. I’ve tried. But finding a job shouldn’t be too hard.


You’ll fail to learn Chinese and then you’ll get deported for working illegally on the student visa. :laughing:

(Okay, okay, you might learn some Chinese, maybe even a lot, before getting deported. Get a work visa, then study on the side. Eventually, marry a local and you won’t need the work visa.)

Sure. It’s an old trick for the non-degree-holders to get a student visa and then work illegally. Most of them never go to school but you could buck the trend. Half the people I know are working illegally and none of them ever have trouble. It seems that recently it’s become more of a pain to get a work visa than a student visa, so why not do it?

Haha maybe I should have been more clear. I graduate in December, but before going off to find work here in the states, I thought it would be fun to sharpen my Mandarin on the side (I am ABC, born and raised in CA). In the mean time I also thought it would be cool if I could find a job (teaching?) while I am on a student visa, and if my employer agrees, switch over to a working visa to allow an extended stay. Is this considered legal? Some countries don’t allow this so I just wanted some clarification before making drastic plans.

I plan to study at NTNU starting with the three month semester. I was staying in the Shida area last summer and liked it a lot. I want to continue that experience.