Possible to Teach English Part-Time?

Hey everyone,

I’m coming to Taiwan on a student visa in the fall, and I have some flexibility in my schedule starting in the summer, where I may be able to teach/tutor English part-time (5-10 hours per week) until I go home, which would be January 2024. In addition to making a little bit of money, my interest would be getting a better understanding of Taiwan and Taiwanese society. I’m envisioning doing it on evenings or weekends in a one on one format. Is that possible? I’m assuming I would need a TEFL, is that correct? Additionally, would it be a waste of time with regard to better understanding Taiwan? Would there be better things I could be doing in that time?

About me:
I have a BA and an MA, but in econ, so not education related.
My Mandarin would be very good by that time.
I’m learning Hokkien, and will continue to do so during my time in Taiwan. Spending more time into Hokkien is actually one of the alternative uses of my time.
I have no experience teaching English, but some tutoring and teaching the SATs and ACTs.

No problems. If you want to make money while learning Taiwan’s culture, go to adult schools to find teaching positions.

You’d have to get a work permit, and this is the basic qualification for teaching English, along with a passport from a native English-speaking country. Your major or TEFL don’t matter.