Post address while being abroad

Hello Forumosa.

After living in Taiwan for over 5 years I’m applying for an APRC.
I have lived here based on marriage which is about to end in a divorce after my APRC is obtained.
I am now registered to live in my own apartment and receive my mail here. But after the divorce is settled I plan to sell my stuff and leave the apartment, and take the opportunity to apply for the exemption allowing me to be abroad for max 2 years and think of the future.
In the mean time I want to register my (post-)address with my current in-laws (they’re cool with that) so I will have a place to receive important mail.

My questions:

  • Is just notifying NIA enough when applying for the APRC?
  • Should I inform other agencies (like Household registration office) and do I need any proof that I’m actually living at the address of my in-laws?
  • Any other things I should be mindful of?


Alex, sorry to hear about your divorce.

Well, just my 2 cents here.
You want an APRC based on marriage. As far as I understand you already have changed your address to your current place.
I am not sure whether that was a smaet move as
applying for APRC needs a lot of paperwork and I guess NIA would see different addresses for both of you and might get suspicious …

Looks like the absent time could be 5 years in the future, but thats still in discussion and not finally decided yet.

Thanks bbmt,

I have not changed any address yet. Right now I’m collecting my documents needed for APRC application. But I’m thinking of changing my address before I submit the application.
My spouse has actually been registered at a different address from me all the time we have been married, so I wouldn’t know why the NIA would find it suspicious that I register my address somewhere else now (again). Plus getting a divorce is a very good reason to get an APRC so not sure if that can be an obstruction so long as no divorce has been finalized before APRC is obtained?

I am not an expert regardung this subject, so take my words with a linch of salt.

You need your wife’s consent to get an APRC, which makes sense as this will be based on your marriage. The application therefor need more her papers than yours, which as far as i remember just was some paperwork, my JFRV based ARC card and a new health certificate which was only neccessary under some circumstances.

If you cant hand it any official salary documents, then your wife needs to show she made and makes enough money to support her (officially) still intact family. In my case NIA asked for her tax payments for the last 5 years. Purchased property also counts, regardless how much you own the bank.

Your wife must cooperate with you, but well, you have the power in your hands, because you can almost only mutually divorce here.

I am curious about your address status.
I believe you have to regrister on your wifes household regristration or your name has to be attached to your wifes name on whatever household regristration she stands (her parents) ~ if not then how did you get issued an ARC based on JFRV ?
Thus your address must be the same, but well, apparently not in your case …

If i may ask whatvwas the reason of not doing so ?
I think your wife then could not even deduct her personal income tax because your name simply isnt on her household regristration.

Is that common in Taiwan that married people have different official address ?