Post Office Help?

I have been waiting for three very important packages that should have arrived by Global Priority Mail from the US. They are a little time sensitive so I’m getting a little desperate.

Have you ever visited your local post office to follow up on a package and had any luck? I’m worried that (for whatever reason) it may have been returned to the sender (lazy postal worker, couldn’t read the romanized address, I don’t know…) which means I’ll have to wait until 2 weeks to recieve this stuff.

Do you think the post office just wouldn’t take the time to see if my packages are sitting somewhere waiting to be routed, delivered?

Anyone work for the post office??? Sigh.

Thanks in advance. :blush:

If you live in a large complex, it might be the guards fault…especially if the address is in English. I think if they don’t understand the address, they just kind of guess as to where it should go, so check with them first, and always make sure that they understand your address in English

I never had problem sending Global Priority Mail from the US to Taipei. (I did put down Chinese + English names and addresses though.) I’m not sure if you could track this class of mail. Do you have the receipt fom the local US post office? Most mail isn’t trackable unless you buy an extra service when you send the letter or package.

When I was expecting mail from Taipei, unless it’d been sent through express mail or registered mail, I couldn’t track it.

The GPM envelop is kind of big for a regular mailbox here. For an apartment building with a guard, the mail might be kept at the front desk. Usually they’d figure this kind of mail (if the mail carrier has delivered to the right address) belongs to the foreign tenant/resident in the building. At least that was my case.

Thanks for the replies!

I finally received one box this morning, so I’m hopeful the other two will show on Monday. I heard from a friend in the States who ships to overseas customers that the US postal service has implemented some new requirement for international shipments that might be slowing things down in the US.