Post Office won't give me letters

It’s been going on for so long. There is an old lady that brings the letters from the post office (bank stuff, etc), every time she comes I tell her my house number and she won’t give me anything, even my wife’s stuff. Last time I explain for 5 minutes that the bank letter is from my wife and nothing. Everyone from my building just says the house number and gets everything without any hassle. She won’t give me anything, only my stuff after showing my id (nobody does this).
Is anything I can do? is always the same old lady. I shouldn’t be discriminated against like this because I’m a foreigner.


Because Taiwan does not have an easy enforcement mechanism in the form of a human rights commission, the only thing I can say is…lawyer up.

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This also works as a new custom title for you :joy:



If we had an enforcement mechanism then I’d say go there. I’d rather steer people to the free option first.

But the plan A doesn’t exist here.

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its not discrimination if the lady follows the rules… she gives him his mail after showing ID, wont give him someone else’s mail. annoying, but makes sense, and not discrimination.

She’s not applying that standard to anyone else, so it seems to be discrimination (unless we’re missing something.)

Why is there an “old lady that brings the letters from the post office”? I have a mailman who would rather give anything to anybody than spend an extra 5 seconds talking.


My mailmen were hit and miss. Some asked for ID for a 掛號信, others just saw the English name and gave it to me; some simply asked for me to sign, and some wanted me to use the stamp.

How does hiring a lawyer help on old lady, if anything she will get mad and not help out at all. Did you try talking with her directly? On our street the homes have a mail box in front. Sometimes mail does not fix so an old lady on our street takes and gives it night which is nice. They is one family(Taiwanese) which does get along with others, so mail comes that is too big or important doc’s that family has to go the post office to get it which to me is hassle.

Post makes it sound like she’s an employee of the post office. Is she not driving the green van?

Does @Quesito not have a mailbox?

It seems not, post staff in building don’t do that but put in the mail box or to the front desk who sorts it. My office which has 30+ floors the front desk sorts it, and knows me and sometimes gives me mail direct but other Japanese will ask who are they.

Old lady= helper to me. Post office staff tend retire early so less old staff.

She is driving the green scooter. I think they can only give by hand because there is a mailbox. Today a different person came and gave me the same stuff she refused yesterday, I explain to him and sign.

That sounds like an employee to me.

I guess I have to accept the double standard, maybe get my wife ID in my phone to show next time.

Or household registration

You can contact post office and explain your situation

I don’t know if is double standard but in their official website says the following:

Can registered mail be received by signing?

In principle, stamping is needed to receive registered mail, but for the convenience of customers, signing is allowed but the signatory must present ID for verification. The delivery man may need to record ID type and number for verification.

So maybe the old lady need the ID of your wife, but as you said a different person came and gave you the letters


This. Best course of action would be anonymously reporting her for not following the rules with other people.

Government employees can be some of the most unskilled, unintelligent ENTITLED people in Taiwan. They passed a test you know. Not all, but a decent enough slice of the pie.

Everytime the post office rotates out, I go there with a smile, some of our products as gifts and the understanding I need to explain to them minimum 3 times how to calculate shipping discounts, customs forms, export codes, districts in other countries etc. just the way it is. easier to make a friend than an enemy… That said, delivery people tend not to rotate really, so even more important to make friends with them or all of a sudden they “know the rules” haha.

A few days ago my letter came into the post office and I did not get my letter because of some issues.

ask them why.

Things get returned after XX number of days.