Post-Typhoon Syndrome, ma?

I’m in a particularly good mood today :bouncy:.

I feel like cleaning :noway:, getting things sorted out, that kind of thing. Did my expenses in Excel :astonished:. Even sent an apology e-mail to an ex-boyfriend. All together, scary stuff!

Is it just me? Am I going :loco: or is there some kind of post-typhoon syndrome?

And, since everyone says it

I wish something like that would happen to me!
Back to bed now.

Sounds like your body is heaving a huge sigh of relief and the good vibes are kicking in! Also, the clearer skies with the cooler weather make for a very nice combo, and one’s body (at least mine, anyway) tends to have a positive reaction to good weather.

I still wouldn’t venture far from home today. This is a very bizarre typhoon, and we may not have seen the end of it yet.