Postal bank account

Can anyone tell me about the opening a postal bank account process? Does it cost money?

Manflu day?

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I recall you speak Chinese, right?
Go directly to post office… Any post office.
No payment, but at least 1000 initial deposit.
You could even get a VISA-marked Debit Card that almost as good as a credit card at no expense. (Just mention it to the customer service/teller)

Your standard…
ARC, chop, that’s about it.

The easiest and best service you’ll get. As Taiwanese, you also get to use the ebanking with no problems.

Think carefully about which branch you open the account at. You will sometimes need to return to that specific branch to do things in the future, if you need to. So don’t open it at some incredibly distant, rural place if you don’t live near there or anticipate being there regularly. For most things it doesn’t matter but some of the administrative stuff, while not difficult, is still…weird…that way.


I still think it’s weird the post offers this service. I guess it was something they had to incorporate as the country was setting up.

I love it. So convenient. There are Post Office everywhere, even in places that don’t seem to have banks.

that was probably the initial reason, although im curious to ask the history buffs, was this a KMT thing or was it est. by the very orderly Japanese?

Japanese of course. Along with railways and water/sewage systems, those are the legacy that lives on today.

KMT took the orderly city planning with parks and sidewalks and stuff and destroyed the city, for comparison.

For example, the property on which one of the first Catholic churches in Taiwan was built was alloted by the Japanese for a road. Instead of taking it away and not paying, they provided a larger plot and compensation. It became one of the most beautiful structuires in the city…until it was bombed during the war.

My experience, you could pretty much doing anything in any larger post-office (at least one in each district/township, that usually open half-day on Saturday)

No need to go to the original post-office where you open the account.

Things that I’ve done so far:

  1. replace the ATM card to a VISA card.
  2. replace the account books when it ran out of pages.
  3. replace the damaged said card on #1 .

I do this with my limited Chinese skills and google translate to help me to talk to the officers.

No problem at all.

Those things, yeah.
I’ve had to change my signature and/or chop a couple of times for various reasons. For that I had to go back to the original branch and they had to rummage around and find the original forms I signed way back in the early 90s and onward, each time I’d changed it for some reason, and add a new one. Maybe it’s digitized by now but somehow I doubt it.

So the post also offers credit cards?

Well, atm cards that can be used as debit cards