Posters' real names

Well mine is Baa Abase Albs

Mucha Man is Mac/Maz Human, Sandman is Damns An, Two Navels is Vela Towns and Jimi Presley is Jeep Limy Sir.

I have your names in my little black book - all of them… :liar:

Mine is Richs or Shirc!

you may call me Sir tommy :slight_smile: - King of Apes.

In real life I go by the name: CREEPPOR DUDE

Mother Theresa… is Heather Metros.

Anubis = anus and pubis linked together. :discodance:

Minger Gan

U chinese?

I’m not actually Joe. I’m his ox.

ironlady is Onry Lida

Wookie is I Ewok OK?

jimipresley is I’m Prisy le Jem

sandyman is Mad Nansy

lostinasia is Nasti Loosa

Poagaoo is Go A Poo A

Miltownkid is I’m Wont Kild

cranky laowai is Ranc ol Waaki

I’m good at this! :discodance:

[quote=“tommy525”]U Chinese?

Bullshit. There’s no U in tommy525. Heck there’s no C either. Or h, or i, or n, or e, or s. No 525 either.

Tommy, wtf?

Hey, Manchu Ma!

Dragonbones is Bang ones rod.

Don’t ENCOURAGE him.

Yes, Prime Jil.

I’m Condi Rice

No, Theta Mia.

I’m the re-incarnation of Prinz Otto Von Bismarck. So there! :raspberry:

However, if you ask my neighbours, they seem to think I go by the monniker Wai Guoren. I keep telling them my family name isn’t Wai FFS!

No, Theta Mia.[/quote]


Wait !! I just found out im the Wizard of Oz ? :slight_smile:

Im on the yellow brick road, uhm well there are yellow bricks on it… or yellow somethings??