Posting locations in Subject line

I’m really curious about something. What’s the policy in this forum [Resaurants, Bars & Clubs] on the writing the location of the topic in the subject line? For instance, I want to talk about a new pub that’s opened in Tainan that’s name is “Red Bar”. Should the Subject be “New pub in Tainan!” or “New pub! Red Bar!” (facticious pub)

The reason I ask is that there seems to be some inconsistency in Mod edits with this. My recent post about the toilet restaurant was changed to include the city. I completely agree with the change. It will save a reader some time if he’s not interested in reading about something from another city.

The inconsistency: If someone from Taipei posts about a new bar/restaurant/club, nothing is changed. But if someone elsewhere posts, it’s changed to include the name of the city. Granted, there’s far more people browsing these forums from Taipei, but there are a lot people not in Taipei. I hate wasting my time reading post after post, just to find out the place mentioned is in Taipei. Or sometimes not even knowing where the place is because only street names are mentioned (which I assume must be in Taipei) For example…

Subject Lines from recent posts:

Hot Dog!
Bobwundaye: cozy, friendly, GO THERE!
Salt and Bread Russian restaurant
Lawry’s The Prime Rib
Citizen Cain

All from Taipei. Is it possible to have some way of posting so all threads have a location?


No policy, just standard practice. If there’s no location listed, you can assume it’s in the Taipei area. If it’s outside of Taipei, we’ll insert the location name…

Thanks, I figured as much. But what if someone posts, “New Bar on ZhongShan Rd” or some road name that’s common in all Taiwan cities? Everyone assumes it’s Taipei, but the poster is actually from Taichung. You can see the problem, right? Things will eventually get sorted out I’m sure, but not after some confusion.

Just a thought…

pms work fine if you are on the need to know basis.

ozzo makes a lot of sense here.

Yeah, but the odds are pretty good that if you actually read the post it should become clear.

Ozzo you’re logically right, but I think it just works easier if you assume it;'s Taipei unless otherwise stated.