Posting Photos or Documents under pseudonym or anonomously


This idea of an anonymous board is fantastic. It really saved my life when I was being abused, many real some imagined, by my bosses when I first came to Taiwan. It help me get through legal issues as well.

The true beauty is that you can rant and even be an Asshole in the heat of perceived danger or state your case in a highly nosey environment where everyone knows you business and you can be a certain that if there is a business acquaintance or relative anywhere in this rock, news about what you do will always come back to the person you are talking about.
The trouble is that I’ve been having trouble find a place that I can anonymously or under my pseudonym up load pictures. I’ve tried one or two sites over the years but they seem to fail. I would be interested in adding supporting information like photos, screenshots (yes, they’re photos) and PDF’s though not so much.
Actually most of my posts could be supported by screenshots of the PDF but, I would like the ability to to post PDF’s of let’s say particular offensive or inaccurate chapters of my children’s school books.
I believe posting chapters to prove a point is within the fair use guidelines but I’d like to shield myself from people who may not feel that way or people who are angry at my point of view.
If you know of any good services: Please post an idiot’s guide for me. I usually have time to post way past when I should be sleeping.


Are you simply interested in posting pictures here? You can upload images to the website in this software by clicking the Upload icon in the posting window (7th from left, arrow pointing up from computery-looking thingy). On mobile, there’s an “upload” link at the bottom right of the posting window.