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Am I breaking the rules by posting a job available. Every time I try it says that it’s closed after a minute. What gives?

no, the mods close posting on purpose. It’s just a rule.

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I asked if it’s breaking the rules and you said “no”
Then “it’s just a rule”. Sorry but I’m still confused. Can I post a job here or not? Thanks in advance for your reply.

no it’s not breaking the rules to post jobs. It’s just a rule to close the ad for the job from replies in the thread. If it’s against the rule, they would just delete it.

Okay thanks. Why would they close it though? Lol. How do I just re open it?

you can’t reopen it yourself. I think one of the many reasons is so people won’t detract from the job posting making off topic comments.

Ha ha. Okay. Well I guess I’ll just try some other place. Thanks for the help Andrew

They’re closed by default (as it says in the text we ask people to read when they make a jobs post). Jobs isn’t for discussion, it’s just for posting ads. It’s “closed” but it’s still visible to everyone, no need for concern. Closed just means people can’t post responses to it.

Oh okay. Thanks for the input. So how are they supposed to get in touch about the job though?

they can send a private message here, or leave your email or other contact info

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That’s another thing we mentioned :smile_cat: You should be able to edit in some contact info within the next day. If you have any trouble just shoot me a private message.