Potential coup attempt?

Rumours of the KMT-PFP drumming up support in the military?

Rumour of taks with high levels in China for ‘assistance’?

Does the Lien Soong camp seriously think that if the Chinese were to come there would be ANY role for the KMT-PFP in a communist run Taiwan?

Keep safe everyone

Key word: rumour.

It’s just speculation at the moment, BUT you can bet Lien and Soong are giving serious consideration to each and every option, including bloody ones. Remember, desperate men do stupid things.

After the demo they will be doing everything they can to maintain momentum. Question is will they be able to?

All those middle class KMT supporters can only stand so many days standing in the rain. An uprising? It’d be a tough sell. I believe commonsense will prevail.

What about AWOL suggestion that there may be a military coup? I personally believe the top brass in the army haven’t got the balls. What would they do anyway?
Organize a new election with Lien and Chen as the candidates? If Chen won again, you think he’s going to forgive the generals who arranged the coup? If the military ‘does a Pervez’, they know full well that China won’t miss the opportunity to come and ‘restore order’.

In short, I just don’t think it’s gonna happen.

Sure there’s a role, an interim puppet government that claims to be democratically elected (like Dubbya’s). Pan-blue pulls off a referendum worded like “Would you like peace, prosperity and stability with your large, belligerent and well-armed neighbour, or would you prefer to be eaten by a mutant star-goat?”, and a well-funded campaign of advertising, incentives and old-fashioned market manipulation wins it by a slim margin. That paves the way for a new mini-constitution (rammed through a pan-blue majority Legislative Yuan) modeled after HK’s. With that in place, similar erosions to the democratic process and freedom of speech occur in the name of stability and economic growth while Beijing moves the economic party to Shanghai which it can better control. Soong/Lien are of course now too reviled in Taiwan to take a position like Tung Chee-hwa’s, but move to Beijing to assist with Taiwan affairs instead. Meanwhile the bank accounts they have in the US get fatter by a few degrees of magnitude in thanks for services rendered.

What’s the alternative if they acknowledge defeat? KMT drops Lien as party chairman so fast everyone thinks he has AIDS. That plastic wife of his leaves him a week later. KMT-PFP cooperation desolves overnight after Soong’s financial backers pull the plug and thugs like Chou Yi are unable to gather support from mainstream KMT supporters.
1: Soong and Lien move into quiet LA suburbs, enjoying the ill-gotten gains they already have, but have to keep high walls around the homes to fend off the daily barrage of rocks, dog poop and rotting veggies tossed by anguished Taiwanese-Americans. Anonimity sucks.
2: They accept token positions as CCP lackeys in a last-ditch effort to stay in the game, but never get to enjoy real power having failed to bring Taiwan back into the fold when they had the backing from Beijing to do so.

Of course they are going to pout and whine outside the palace in the rain like 5 year-olds. They believe so strongly that Taiwan should be administered from Beijing that that end will justify any means. They believe that even if they have to invite the Red Army into Taiwan, they will go down in history as being pivotal in the reunification, and that beats being spat on by ABC’s in the local supermarket by a wide margin… much wider than the one they lost the election by :wink:

Sure there’s a role, an interim puppet government that claims to be democratically elected (like Dubbya’s). [/quote]

funny how you’re lien-esque in your bitterness at bush’s election. :laughing:


funny how you’re lien-esque in your bitterness at bush’s election. :laughing:[/quote]
Bitter? Not at all. I’d have to care one way or the other for that. :wink: I just think it’s an interesting parallel, and hope Lien can accept the outcome as gracefully as Gore did, and perhaps in an even shorter time. Of course I don’t think they are just going to go home and have a good cry.

Lien could become Taiwan’s first also-ran-turned-professor-of-political-science. His PhD in political science would finally come in useful.