POTS is looking for Spring Scream stories

What’s your favorite Spring Scream story?

POTS is collecting stories from the last ten years of Spring Scream for it’s March 25 issue. So this is your chance to tell about your rental scooter crash, the time you woke up in the wrong tent, your favorite band, your worst hangover, basically whatever. We’re especially interested in stories from early Spring Screams, but anyone and everyone is encouraged to submit. Every valid submission will be published online (our website is working now: en.pots.com.tw) and as many as possible will appear in print.

The deadline is March 21. Stories can be in either English or Chinese.

To be considered valid, submissions should:

  1. be 300 WORDS OR LESS
  2. include your name and a phone number
  3. include the year of Spring Scream you’re writing about.
  4. if it’s an email, it must have “SPRING SCREAM STORY” in the subject box, and must have the story pasted into the email body, NO ATTACHMENTS PLEASE. Attached documents will be deleted.

Stories in English can be sent to pots@pots.com.tw
Other methods:
Fax: (02) 8219-1216
Post: POTS Extra, 1F, 43 Fuhsing Rd, Hsintien, Taipei County 231.

Thanks for your help,
David Frazier
editor, POTS Extra

What is this “Spring Scream”? I’ve heard of it, but never really seen it explained. Anybody?

I’ve been known to spring a scream when reading a few of POTS’ articles. :laughing:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Steve, the Spring Scream is a big outdoor concert held in KenTing each year…in Spring.

I went last year. It sucked ass. I wasn’t expecting Woodstock, but I thought it was poorly organized. It was tough to get to the concert area, the venue was a big pile of mud, and the bands were on the lower end of amateurish. I don’t think I would have enjoyed it even if I had been in college mode (drunk off my ass and possibly high). I did enjoy mixing Red Bull with whiskey, and eating corn dogs, but that was about it. My girlfriend, who was in college at the time, thought it sucked ass too.

I’ve heard that it used to be good fun, that the bands didn’t used to suck so badly.

Yeah, Spring Scream does suck big time. 90% of the bands are terrible and you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting an e-tard. Also poorly organized.

um…while not disputing that there are some shite bands on display i have always had the best time at the scream…it’s all about making your own fun anyway…admittedly it was much better when it was next to the beach but big ups anyway to jimmy and wade for all their efforts over the last 10 years…

Shite bands for sure (I should know – I was in one of them once), with the exception of maybe one or two. They should stick to just a few good bands and use the stages for wet T-shirt competitions and suchlike for the rest of the time.
The first two or three were pretty good fun, though.

you know the funny thing is the quality of the music seems to increase with the amount of alcohol and/or drugs consumed (with the exception of death metal…this never gets better and gets positively terrifying after consumption of acid [or so a friend tells me]

A word to the wise.

If you are going to Spring Scream make sure to have a good time. Make sure you get good and greased. But for christsakes, don’t get caught in front of a camera twirling your meat, or puffing on a fatty, or engaging in anything unnatural.

Kid turns on the TV: “Look mommy. there is Teacher Mary getting railed in the bushes by Teachers Tom, Joe, and Eddie. You would think with all the money they are making, they could afford a hotel room.”

Kid opens a newspaper: “Wow, Teacher Mark cleaned that bowl in one hit”.

Have a bit of sense about you when you party down there.

Didn’t the police raid it last year? If I remember right a group of foreigners were forced to give a urine samples for police drug testing. Have they completed their court ordered rehabilitation yet?
Seems the whole thing has turned into a drug and sex free for all with little consideration for the music or the performers. If you were an aspiring musician in Taiwan would you want to be associated with Spring Scream?

I heard that one year a drunk foreigner stripped off nekkid and was swinging around above the stage like some kind of albino orangutan.

Maybe I remembered it from a Spring Scream thread (?). Another story was about a Japanese guy who was hiring a scooter. As soon as he got on the thing he gave it full revs, careened acorss the road and crashed into a ditch breaking his leg in the process.

Like I said, I can’t remember where I heard these stories. Cud it have been right here on 'mosa?